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RockHard Morning Show

Mon - Fri: 06:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Wake up Rock Hard every weekday morning from 6 – Noon with Kotter on 95.1
Yeeessss….6am – noon, the longest stint of local radio from 1 person every weekday, originating from right here in West Texas!
Six hours of whatever fights through the hangover from the night before.
The Rock Hard Morning Show started in 2006 in the deserts of West Texas by serving as a community forum for miscreants, magnifying stupidity and laughing at the daily randomness that the world poos out.
What’s going on in your world is going on in all of ours. Feel free to join the debauchery by calling 432-520-9510.

Kick your brain in to gear with the R.A.T. Random Ass Trivia every weekday morning at 7:20.

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