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Below you will find a collection of Random Ass Trivia sessions from days gone by….(party responsibly)


Q:  Americans will eat approximately 9 billion of these this year, 9 billion of what??

A:  Oreos!


Q:  46% of newlyweds want this for a wedding gift, want what??

A:  Gift cards!


Q:  5% of dog owners say their dog has damaged this, their dog has damaged what??

A:  The couch!


Q:  The average 2 year old will do this 10 times an hour, will do what??

A:  Put their hands in their mouth!


Q:  22% of people will drink this drink during spring break, will drink what??

A:  Margarita!


Q:  The average American spends $35 each year here, Where??

A:  Vending machines!


Q:  15% of mothers do this for their adult sons, what are they doing??

A:  Ironing their clothes!


Q:  If you do this, you do it for an average of 11-13 minutes.  What is it??

a:  Chewing a piece of gum!


Q:  A study shows that women are more creative if they have ____, if they have what??

A:  Flowers!


Q:  11% of people have fallen asleep here, have fallen asleep where??

A:  In church!


Q:  A group of people was asked; what is the most stressful thing in your life; paying taxes was #1, what was #2?

A)  Family!


Q:  7% of people share secrets with this person, share secrets with who??

A:  Hair dresser / barber


Q:  Most people say it’s disgusting but 34% admit to doing it, what is it??

A:  Peeing in the shower!


Q:  Nearly 40% of agree this is one of the most frustrating things about their daily commute, what is it??

A:  Waiting at a red light when no one else is coming from the other direction.  yeahh…..same…


Q:  20% of women say this is one of the most attractive hobbies a man can have, what is it??

A:  Photography!


Q:  24% of people have cried over this, cried about what??

a:  A bad haircut!


Q:  The best place in the house to hide something is HERE, is where??

A:  In the laundry room or laundry basket.  Reeeaaallly? Kinda dirty…


Q:  Experts claim the top 2 foods even the pickiest eaters will eat are:

A:  French fries and mac & cheese


Q:  The average person does this 92 times a day, 12 times more each day than they did in 2017.  What is it??

A:  Unlocks their Phone!


Q:  4% of children born this year will have this in common, what is it??

A:  They’ll actually be born on the due date!


Q:  This is the leading cuase of arguments between couples when they go out to eat, what is it about??

A:  French Fries! …..really?


Q: A survey of experts found this to be the best thing you can do to start your day, what is it??

A:  Drink a glass of water!


Q:  Parents of kids under 14 say THIS is their biggest challenge each day….what is it??

A:  Getting them out of bed!


Q:  Almost 10% of people say they is not enough _____ at their job, not enough what??

A:  Work to do!


Q:  53% of people who have one say they never use it, what is it??

A:  The sunroof/moonroof in their car.


Q:  33% of people say they never do this at the gym, they never do what??

A:  Sweat!  huh??


Q:  55% of people say THIS is a rule they will never break, what is the rule??

A:  Having too many items in the check out line.


Q:  90% of women say a man who knows how to do this is attractive, a man who knows how to do what??

A:  Cook!


Q: 18% of people admit that they have faked this, have faked what??

A:  Talking on the phone!


Q:  If  a woman does this, it lasts on aver 5.5 minutes. A man, 2.5 minutes on average, what is it??

A:  Cry!  oh


Q:  26% of people want tickets to this for Valentines day, tickets to what??

A:  A comedy show!


Q:  25% of people have stayed in a relationship because they liked this about their partner, they liked what??

A:  Their dog.


Q:  One in 8 people have started this but never finished it, what is it??

A:  Writing a book!


Q:  Everyone has a number for this but only 36% of people know what their number is, what is the number for??

A:  Cholesterol level!


Q:  The #1 thing forgotten by adults is ‘where they put their keys?’ what is #2?

A:  “What did I need from the store / why did I come to the store?”


Q:  8% of couples say it is not uncommon for them to argue in the car about this, about what??

A:  To have the windows open of the air on….


Q:  14 million of these will be eaten on Super Bowl Sunday, 14 million of what??

A:  Hamburgers!


Q: About 1% of Americans are terrified of touching this, touching what??

A:  Money!


Q:  Besides phones and other electronic gadgets, what is the #1 thing to be left behind in Las Vegas hotel rooms??

A:  Dentures!


Q:  Studies shoe that men are 40% more likely to do this at work, to do what??

A:  Take a nap!


Q:  There are about 400,000 of these in America that are sitting empty and unused, what are they??

A:  Train boxcars


Q:  Of all the people who have done this, only 18% feel guilty about it, what is it??

A: Taking home office supplies!


Q:  16% of people have a scrapbook dedicated to this, dedicated to what??

A:  Their pet!


Q:  Kids were asked to describe their perfect Christmas morning and nearly 60% of them included this, they included what??

A:  Pancakes!!!!


Q:  60% of people do this while exercising, they do what??

A:  Listen to music!


Q:  3% of people do this once a week, 3% of people do what once a week??

A:  Shower!  Eww…


Q:  When it comes to holiday decorating, only 25% of people decorate here….decorate where??

A:  In the bathroom!


Q:  53% of people say this is the food they miss the most when dieting, what is the food??

A:  Chocolate!


Q:  82% of women do all of this in their home during the holiday season, they do all of what??

A:  Wrapping presents!


Q:  When it comes to life changes, in the past year, 7% of people did this. 7% did what??

A:  Started a business!


Q:  The average person will by 67 _____ over the course of a year, what are they buying?

A:  Pieces of Clothing!  Things to wear…


Q:  The best Christmas movie of all time; Top 3 answers:  Elf, Christmas Vacation & It’s A Wonderful Life.  Overwhelmingly, everyone’s favorite character was _______.

A:  Cousin Eddie!


Q:  This happens to 33% unwanted of holiday gifts, what is it??

A:  They get donated to charity 🙂


Q: You can have only 1 kitchen utensil, one. 4% of people picked this, picked what??

A:  Chopsticks!


Q:  7%  of people have stolen this from a hotel room, what have they stolen??

A:  A lightbulb!


Q:  This is the main reason why people cancel a date, what is it??

A:  They discover their date has a criminal record!


Q:  Sales of this small item spike by 40% in the weeks leading up to Christmas, what is being sold?

A:  Diamonds!


Q:  15% of families fight during the holidays about this, about what??

A:  What’s on the tv!


Q:  33% of people will do this by noon tomorrow, what is it??

A:  Have their 1st alcoholic beverage


Q:  33% of women say they exercise in order to indulge in this, indulge in what??

A:  Ice cream!


Q:  24% of Christmas trees have an ornament on them of this mythical creature, what is the ornament of??

A:  A unicorn!


Q:  Sales of this have increased 32% in the last 2 years, what is it??

A:  Canned cranberry sauce


Q:  If a fight occurs between shoppers on Black Friday, what is the most common injury??

A: Concussion!


Q:  A black Friday shopping survey says this is the most regrettable, drunk, online holiday purchase……what is it??

A:  A smartphone!


Q:  23% of men don’t know this about their partner, they don’t know what??

A:  Their dress size!


Q:  60 million boxes of this are sold each year, 60 million boxes of what??

A:  Stove Top Stuffing


Q:  6% of people say their biggest pet peeve in life is people who do this too slowly, what is being done slowly??

A:  Changing lanes while driving!


Q:  50% of drivers have seen another driver do this in the past month, what has the other driver done??

A:  Litter

Q:  When asked why they were speeding, 25% of people mentioned this….

A:  They thought the speed limit was too low.


Q:  37% of business executives had this as a pet when they were a kid, they had what??

A:  A bunny rabbit!


Q:  What is your most prized possession?  1% of women said this, said what??

A:  Her wedding ring! Hmm…


Q:  33% of men are turned off when a woman has this, when a woman has what??

A: A fake tan!


Q:  The average parent spends 22 minutes a night doing this with their kids, what are they doing??

A:  Reading a bedtime story!


Q:  It takes the average woman 55 minutes to decide this, decide what??

A:  If she wants a 2nd date with a person or not.


Q:  32% of women and 18% of men have had a nightmare about losing this, losing what??

A:  Their teeth!


Q:  Consuming this one hour before working out can improve your results by 30%.  What is being consumed?

A:  Coffee!


Q:  What would you like your last meal ever to be?  The top answer on a survey is Pizza, 2nd answer is _____.

A:  Lasagna


Q:  16% of women have spied on their partner by checking this.  What are they checking??

A:  GPS history on the phone


Q:  During the pandemic, 16 million people tried to learn this…  Tries to learn what??

A:  How to play guitar!


Q:  33% of women say they always do this before leaving the house, they always do what??

A:  Check their butt in the mirror.


Q:  2% of Americans will do this at least 7 times today, what are they doing??

A:  Drinking a cup of coffee!


The average American spends $35 each year here, $35 each year where??

A:  At vending machines!


Q:  20% of adults say they still have an emotional reaction to this sound, to what sound??

A:  An ice cream truck!


Q:  24% of people say this is their favorite thing to dip their chips in while watching tv, what are they dipping in to??

A:  Ranch dressing!


Q:  More than 30% of people say they would lie about this if asked about it on a 1st date.  What are they being asked?

A:  Do you snore?


Q:  13% of people have dropped their phone in this, dropped their phone in what??

A:  Beer!


Q:  According to scientists, eating this makes you look younger by preventing wrinkles.  What is being eaten?

A:  Chocolate!


Q:  53% of people would go back in time and change this if they could, what is it??

A:  Their major, what they studied.


Q:  Why do you love your job?  30% of people said this, 30% of people said what??

A:  Because of their great boss!


Q:  This year, emergency rooms will treat about 6,500 people who got injured doing this, doing what??

A:  Yoga!


Q:  For 65% of women it is left, for 72% of men it is right.  What is it??

A:  The side of the bed they sleep on.


Q:  3% of men have never had one of these, 3% of men have never had one of what??

A:  A pet!


Q:  40% of people admit to doing this on their phone while at work, what are they doing??

A:  Streaming Netflix!


Q:  20% of newlyweds argue about this after returning from Honeymoon, argue about what??

A:  What color to paint the walls.


Q:  15% of Americans say they definitely judge others by their _____.

A:  By their phone!


Q:  12% of people have stolen this from their neighbors without them even knowing it, what is it??

A:  WiFi


Q:  You will burn 3,600 calories a year by doing this, by doing what??

A:  Brushing your teeth!


Q:  The average American does this 96 times each day.  What is done 96 times each day?

A:  Checking the phone!


Q:  64% of people own something made by this company, by what company??

A:  Apple!


Q:  40% of people say they have been a victim of this in the past year, a victim of what??

A:  Porch pirates!


Q:  If you’re an average worker, 6 minutes of your day will be spent doing this.  6 minutes will be spent doing what??

A:  Looking for another job!


Q:  What sounds are guaranteed to make you happy?  15% of people included this sound on their list, what is it??

A:  A cat purrrrrrrring.


Q:  18% of food you get at the grocery store has this in common, has what in common??

A:  It will end up in the trash, go to waste,


Q:  Doing this increases alertness by 10%, doing what??

A:  Chewing gum!


Q:  SUV owners do this more than any other drivers, what are they doing??

A:  Singing while they drive!


Q:  The average person has had 2 or 3 of these in their lifetime.  7% of people have had more than 10, what are they??

A: Email addresses!


Q:  Researchers say, people who have this in their bedroom sleep better than those who don’t.  What do they have??

A:  White paint on the walls.
Hmm, ok 🙂


Q:  On a scale of 1-10, the average American rates themselves as a 6.8 at doing this.  What are they doing??

A:  Cooking!


Q:  Experts say that the best time to do this is about 8:45 am, what is it??

A:  Mow the lawn!


Q:  12% of women wish their partner would do this more often around the house, what is it??

A:  Put the toilet seat down!


Q:  44% of adults say this smell brings back happy childhood memories, what smell is it??

A:  Toast!


Q:  According to a survey of people, the worst drivers drive a pick up truck, a ____ or a ____.

A:  BMW or Subaru


Q:  The most common thing women think about in the shower is ______, is what?

A:  Chores!  (well that sucks)


Q:  46% of women do this for their partner when they are sick, do what??

A:  Run a bath!


Q:  The average woman spends 11 minutes / day in the bathroom doing this, doing what??

A:  Blow drying her hair


Q:  25% of people have this in their car’s glove box right now, what is it??

A:  Toothpaste!


Q:  50% of employees named THIS as one of the perks they most want at work, what is it??

A:  FREE soda! (rrreeaallly?)


Q:  It takes the average woman 55 minutes to decide this, to decide what??

A:  If they want a 2nd date with a certain someone.


Q:  If I was on the space station for 6 months, I’d like a supply rocket to bring me ____.  This was the specific brand name food with the most votes, what was it??

A:  McDonald’s French fries!


Q:  30% of people say THIS stresses them out while driving, what is it??

A:  Having too many lanes!


Q:  About 8% of people have a lucky _____, a lucky what?

A:  A lucky pair of socks!


Q:  35% of people say that doing this helps get them out of a funk, doing what??

A:  Cleaning the house!


Q:  15% of people with tattoos have a tattoo of this on their boy, what is the tattoo of??

A:  Their pet or their pet’s name.


Q:  Online daters who wear this in their picture have a 41% less chance of of getting a message.  What are they wearing??

A:  Sunglasses!


Q:  Doing this while driving increases the chances of a crash by 12, what shouldn’t you do??

A:  Dial the phone! (really anything with the phone)


Q:  80% of Americans say they are either good or very good at this, at what??

A:  Spelling!


Q:  These cost an average of $152 and 110,000 Americans will get one today, what is it??

A:  Speeding ticket!


Q:  This is the most common online purchase when drunk, what is it??

A:  Concert tickets!


Q:  A survey found THIS to be the most boring thing you can talk about, what is it??

A:  An illness or injury.


Q:  50% of kids use this 5 times per day, use what??

A:  Google!


Q:  2% of retail stores in America have this in common ight now, what is it??

A:  They have Christmas decorations up already!


Q:  The average parent says this to their child 4 times / week, says what??

A:  Tie your shoes!


Q:  What is the most common occupation of people who marry millionaires?

A:  Teachers!


Q:  What’s the best thing to come in a small package?  Top 3 answers were; jewelry, children….& _____.

A:  A key!  (house, car, etc.)


Q:  33% of people admit that they have done this at a hotel, admit they have done what??

A:  Stolen something (from the housekeeper’s cart)


Q:  35% of people have lied to their partner about this, about what??

A:  How much they earn!…..the annual salary


Q:  Almost 30% of women say this is their favorite way to relax in the office, what is it??

A:  Taking their shoes off


Q:  30% of arguments during road trips are about this, about what?

A:  Who ate the snacks 😉


Q:  The average parent will buy 2-4 of these during back-to-school shopping.  2-4 of what??

A:  Jeans!


Q:  What are your favorite childhood memories?  43% of people included this, what??

A:  Saturday cartoons!


Q:  25% of Americans say they are horrible at this, horrible at what??

A:  Parallel Parking!


Q:  The top 2 television shows that people in other countries watch to help them learn English are; 1) Friends and 2)_____

A:  The Simpsons!


Q:  50 years ago, 70% of homes in America had at least 1 of these, today it’s 18%.  What is it??

A: An ashtray!


Q:  11% of boys grow up wanting to be this, wanting t be what??

A:  An Astronaut!


Q:  40% of employers have passed on hiring someone because of this, because of what??

A:  Something they posed online


Q:  20% of people say they check this out the 1st time they enter someone’s home, what is it??

A:  The couch!……really?


Q:  10% of people have played this game while drunk, what game??

A:  Mini golf!


Q:  One million boxes of this are sold each and every day, one million boxes of what??

A:  Mac n’ Cheese!


Q:  20% of people do THIS at the gym while riding a stationary bike, what do they do to pass the time??

A:  Play games on their phone!


Q:  18% of people wish their company offered THIS benefit, which benefit?

A:  Tuition Reimbursement


Q:  Working moms were asked; If you had an extra hour / day to do something, what would you do??
The most common answer was ____

A:  Get more work done!


Q:  According to a recent survey (probably not from TX) The greatest road trip food of all time, has to be…. 1) trail mix and 2) __?

A:  Pringles!


Q:  17% of people always bring _____ home from vacation, what do they bring home??

A:  The little hotel bottles of toiletries.


Q:  10% of couples get married here, get married where?

A:  Where they 1st met!


Q:  33% of people only do this while on vacation, what is it??

A:  Eat Dessert!


Q:  16% of people admit that they never wash this, never wash where??

A:  Their car!


Q:  You think this scores points, but 2% of co-workers hate it when you do this.  Hate it when you do what??

A:  Bring donuts in for everyone!


Q:  30% of business travelers say this happens to them regularly while staying in a hotel, what is it??

A:  They oversleep! (lucky)


Q:  In the last year, the amount of time it takes to do this has increased by about 29 seconds on average.  Time doing what??

A:  Going through a fast food drive-thru


Q:  Men are 11 times more likely to brag about this than a woman, what is it??

A:  Their lawn!


Q:  The greatest non-human movie characters of all time!; 1) E.T. 2) Yoda…..who is #3?

A:  The genie from Aladdin!


Q:  The chore that kids enjoy doing the most is this, is what??

A:  Loading the dishwasher!


Q:  The average man in a relationship does this 4.2 times per year on average.  He usually isn’y happy about it, what is it?

A:  Sit down and watch a chick-flick.


Q:  25% of people need _____ for a good night’s sleep, what is it?

A:  A pillow!……a pillow?  What is everyone else using?


Q:  12% of people have one of these at home and don’t remember where it is, what is it??

A:  A fire extinguisher!


Q:  16% of married people have gotten a _____ without telling their spouse, gotten a what??

A:  Credit card!


Q:  The average person touches this 2,617 times each day…..what is it??

A:  Their smart phone!


Q:  60% of people say they want to be alone when they eat this, eat what??

A:  Ice Cream!


Q:  80% of people say this is the most annoying thing that happens at the grocery store, what is it??

A:  When someone leaves the checkout line while being checked to grab an extra item.


Q:  Only 1 out of 50 people have this physical characteristic, what is it??

A:  Green eyes!


Q:   The average person will get about 65 of these each year, 65 of what??

A:  Pimples!


Q:  More than 90% of people hate it when they get this, when they get what??

A:  A voicemail!


Q:  3% of people are killing time at work by doing this, by doing what??

A:  Surfing dating apps!


Q:  54% of people have had to call a friend to get help with ______.

A:  Finding their car in a parking lot!


Q:  1/3 of husbands don’t remember this, 80% of wives do….what is it??

A:  The date of their 1st date!


Q:  30% of women have broken up with a man because of this, por que??

A:  He wasn’t smart enough! …..oh!


Q:  25% of people have done this while on the toilet, have done what??

A:  Taken a selfie!


Q:  40% of people admit to secretly doing this at work when no one is looking, what is it??

A:  Adjusting the thermostat!


Q:  34% of parents say THIS is the most annoying show their kids watch, what is it??

A:  Peppa Pig!


Q:  6% of dads want this for father’s day, 6% want what??

A:  A hair trimmer / beard trimmer! (don’t forget the batteries)


Q:  29% of men say they could do with without any problem, even though they’ve never do it before.  What is it??

A:  Kick a field goal!


Q:  On a typical Monday you will spend about 40 minutes doing this, about 40 minutes doing what??

A:  Complaining!


Q:  20% of people immediately do this after getting divorced, they do what??

A:  Move back in with their parents!


Q:  The average woman has 7 of these, the average man 5…..what are they??

A:  Pairs of jeans!


Q:  The average kid eats 70 of these / year, 70 of what??

A:  Hot dogs!


Q:  Women were asked to use one word to describe their spouse, this was the most common word….what was it??

A:  Messy!


Q:  Studies show that men with a _____ make better business decisions, men with a what??

A:  A Daughter!


Q:  15% of people are currently driving with this vehicle issue, what is it??

A:  A cracked windshield!


Q:  65% of people will feed this table food to the dog every time, what is being enjoyed??

A:  A piece of ham!


Q:  The average American will do this for just under 1,800 hours this year alone, what is it??

A:  Work!


Q:  Almost 1/3 of dogs sleep here at night, sleep where??

A:  In their very own chair!


Q:  If you do this today it will take an average of 43 minutes, what is it??

A:  Take a nap!


Q:  60% of people name THIS as their least favorite sandwich, what is it??

A:  Egg salad! (yup, grrross)


Q:  44% of women feel more confident when they have this, (even though most can tell it’s fake), what is it??

A:  A spray tan!


Q:  30% of people wash this every week, wash what every week??

A:  Their vehicle!


Q:  40% of people do this 1st thing in the morning, even doing it from bed…..what is it??

A:  Check Email!


Q:  Women clean this once per month, men clean it once per year….what is it??

A:  Windows!


Q:  1 out of 7 people were terrified of these as a kid, just over half of them still are as an adult.  What is so scary??

A:  Escalators!


Q: 16% of parents with teenagers have lost their temper over this, over what??

A:  A cell phone bill!


Q:  40% of women have pretended to like this, like what??

A:  An art project their child made for them.


Q:  A survey asked people “what are the biggest money wasters?”; #1 expensive coffee, what is #1??

A:  Big weddings!


Q:  20% of people claim they did this when they did not, what is it??

A:  Work out!


Q:  About 165 house fires this year will be caused by this, caused by what??

A:  The toaster oven!


Q:  14% of brides join this before their wedding day, they join what??

A:  Weight Watchers!


Q:  3% of people admit they have broken down and cried in the past year because of this, because of what??

A:  Computer problems!


Q:  31% of students have given THIS as a gift to a teacher, what is being given??

A:  A coffee mug!


Q:  57% of women are not satisfied with this, are not satisfied with what??

A:  Their wedding ring!


Q:  One out of nine people say this is the scariest creature on Earth, what is it??

A:  The Cockroach!


Q:  People were asked to name the most important products in their life; #1) phone, #2) Car….what was 3rd?

A:  The refrigerator!


Q:  1/16 couples who get married have this in common, what is it??

A:  They’ll stay married for at least 50 years!


Q:  The last time the average person did this at home was 5 months ago……what was done??

A:  Cleaned out the fridge!


Q:  Spring cleaning experts say that this drink can be used to safely polish furniture……what drink??

A:  Beer!


Q:  30% of men have borrowed this from their significant other, borrowed what??

A:  Their deodorant!


Q:  A survey of 64,000 people has listed ____ as the #1 comfort food.

A:  Grilled Cheese!


Q:  The average woman purchases 157 of these during her lifetime, what is she buying??

A:  Pairs of jeans!


Q:  55% of people have lied to someone about that person’s _____.

A:  Cooking!


Q:  Last year 6,000 new born babies had this in common, what did they have in common??

A:  They were born in a car!


Q:  25% of people here are scrlling through social media, 25% of people where??

A:  At church!


Q:  What is in your junk drawer that you just can’t throw away?  The #1 answer is “keys”, what’s #2?

A:  Twist ties!


Q:  What food is most likely to wreck your New Years diet?; #1 is Pizza, what is #2??

A:  Chinese food!


Q:  $933 million will be spent by people purchasing this for Valentine’s Day, what is everyone buying??

A:  Greeting cards!


Q:  The 2 outdoor activities with the largest increase in participation during the pandemic are; golfing and ____.

A:  Gardening!


Q:  A survey asked people to complete the sentence; “2021 is the year I will finally ____.”  Will finally do what??

A:  De-clutter!


Q:  10% of people have been dumped here, been dumped where??

A:  In a car! (really thought that number would be higher)


Q:  66% of married women say their husband isn’t vert good at this, at what??

A:  Driving!


Q:  23% of people choose to dip their chicken wings in this, in what??

A:  Teryaki sauce!


Q:  With what business is it tough to find “the one”?  #1 is hair stylist, 33% said “pet groomer” or _____.

A:  Tattoo artist!


Q:  25% of 18-24 year olds say they don’t know how to do this, to do what??

A:  Boil an egg!


Q:  This is the main reason why people cancel a date, what is it??

A:  They discover their date has a criminal record!


Q:  There is a vaccine for Covid-19….now we need a vaccine for _____.  The top 2 answers were ‘stupidity’ and….what?

A:  Bad driving!