Quiz your kids.  Ponder conundrums with your friends.  Heck, make your own drinking game!

Below you will find a collection of Random Ass Trivia sessions from days gone by….(party responsibly)


Q:  The 2 outdoor activities with the largest increase in participation during the pandemic are; golfing and ____.

A:  Gardening!


Q:  A survey asked people to complete the sentence; “2021 is the year I will finally ____.”  Will finally do what??

A:  De-clutter!


Q:  10% of people have been dumped here, been dumped where??

A:  In a car! (really thought that number would be higher)


Q:  66% of married women say their husband isn’t vert good at this, at what??

A:  Driving!


Q:  23% of people choose to dip their chicken wings in this, in what??

A:  Teryaki sauce!


Q:  With what business is it tough to find “the one”?  #1 is hair stylist, 33% said “pet groomer” or _____.

A:  Tattoo artist!


Q:  25% of 18-24 year olds say they don’t know how to do this, to do what??

A:  Boil an egg!


Q:  This is the main reason why people cancel a date, what is it??

A:  They discover their date has a criminal record!


Q:  There is a vaccine for Covid-19….now we need a vaccine for _____.  The top 2 answers were ‘stupidity’ and….what?

A:  Bad driving!


Q:  43% of people do this when they are bored, 43% do what?

A:  They shop!


Q:  Men are 3 times more likely to hurt themselves doing this during the month of December, by doing what??

A:  Putting up/taking down decorations


Q:  12% of people do this with their Christmas bonus, what is it??

A:  Invest!


Q:  Nearly 1,700 of these are sold every minute during the holidays, what is being bought??

A:  Sets of Legos!


Q:  What Christmas gift do people think is the worst, 26% of people say a scarf or a _____.

A:  Coffee mug!


Q:  It takes about 7 months for the average couple to be comfortable enough to do this, to do what??

A:  Go to the bathroom with the door open.  (…….close the door…….)


Q:  In 7 words or less, what’s the best advice for newlyweds?  The top answers were; “Don’t do it” followed by ____.

A:  Have seperate bathrooms


Q:  Nearly 40% of people would give this up in order to achieve the ideal body, what would they give up??

A:  Their favorite beer or wine


Q:  65% of hiring managers will not hire someone who does this during an interview, what is going on??

A:  They aren’t making eye contact!


Q:  Video games are the most popular item kids will save money for, what is 2nd on the list??

A:  A new set of Legos!


Q:  8% of people have made up this excuse to get out of work, what is the excuse about??

A:  A sick pet!


Q:  40% of people say they have broken up with someone because of this, because of why??

A:  Their friends didn’t approve


Q:  Nearly 20% of people with this tattoo wish they never got it done, whaty is it of?

A:  A butterfly!


Q:  Experts say that these are the most overlooked, germy things in grocery stores…..what are they talking about?

A:  Freezer door handles!


Q:  What really makes you feel loved?  12% of women say this, 12% say….what?

A:  When someone fills up the car with gas for them


Q:  If you get one for Christmas, chances are it is being re-gifted.  What is it??

A:  A candle!


Q:  70% of people say they are consistently disappointed with these, with what??

A:  Gifts they receive for Christmas!


Q:  The majority of people do this alone, however 80% say they’d rather have someone with them for it….what is it??

A:  Commuting to work! (that’s what Kotter is here for. to keep you company)


Q:  Americans claim that the best way of dealing with stress is to do this, to do what??

A:  Listen to music!


Q:  WHAT is the most craved food by women who are pregnant??

A:  Doritos!…..Nachos!!!


Q:  The average one is good for about 27k miles, the average what??

A:  Shopping cart!


Q:  You can have a skywriter create a message with 4 words, what will it say?
The top answer that was also a question was ____, was what?

A:  Will you marry me?


Q:  What is the most annoying thing you might have to wait for?  10% of people said this, said what??

A:  Waiting to use a public restroom!


Q:  A survey asked; “What do you wish lasted longer?”; the 2 top answers were “The Weekend” and _____.

A:  Childhood!


Q:  40% of women think/fantasize about this once a week, what about??

A:  Quitting their jobs!


Q:  It is estimated that 6% of drivers on the road are doing this right now, doing what??

A: Playing a game on their phone! (oh my)


Q:  25% of people under the age of 24 have never seen this, never seen….what??

A:  A sunrise! (rrreeeaaalllly?)


Q:  The average person eats 5.3 lbs of this per year (usually close the the holidays), 5.3 lbs of what??

A:  Sweet Potatoes!


Q:  Finding _____ in a date’s car is a turn off for about 40% of people, what is it??

A:  Fast food containers!


Q:  This is the most common snack parents steal from their kids, what is it??

A:  Chips! (the lil bags)


Q:  Almost 40% of people believe that they can control this, control what??

A:  Their dreams!


Q:  70% of parents feel guilty when they tell their kids this, when they tell their kids what??

A:  To turn off their phones/tablets


Q:  What job that doesn’t normally receive tips probably should?  Top survey answers; teachers, nurses and…..?

A:  Delivery drivers!


Q:  It’s estimated that 70% of people who have one of these do not use it, what is it??

A:  A Twitter account!


Q:  40% of all these bought today will be thrown away, unused….what is being wasted??

A:  Potatoes!


Q:  25% of women have at least 1 that they’ve kept for sentimanetal reasons, what is being kept??

A:  Pairs of shoes!


Q:  What makes you feel better when fighting a cold?  15% of people said this, said what??

A: Cuddling with a pet!


Q:  49% of couples do this before getting married, do what??

A:  Get a pet together.


Q:  “If I have to be haunted by a ghost, please let it be ____.” Of all occupations mentioned, this got the most votes….

A:  A bartender!


Q:  What’s the most stressful thing about driving?  10% of people say this, say what??

A:  Parallel parking!


Q:  24% of people buy these purely out of peer pressure, what are they??

A:  Halloween decorations


Q:  A survey asked; How have you kept your mind sharp throughout this crazy year, 36% of people said this, said what??

A:  Watching documentaries!


Q:  20% of women admit they get annoyed when they meet another woman with the same ____ as them.  The same what??

A:  The same name!


Q:  33% of people will choose a vacation derstination based only on this, only on what?

A How good the photos will look on social media


Q:  It takes an average of 12 or 13 dayes with someone before THIS happens, before what happens?

A:  Someone gets a key!


Q:  It’s traditionally a guy thing but 60% of women say they can do it too…..probably because they’ve had to help a guy do it.
What is it??

A:  Tie a tie!


Q:  Close to 72% of Americans live within an hours distance of here, an hour from where??

A:  Their parents!


Q:  Nearly half of all single men clean this only 4 times / year, what is being cleaned quarterly?

A:  The bed sheets!


Q:  20% of people believe that a really good friend should be willing to do this for you, to do what??

A:  Bail you out of jail!


Q:  You’ll spend about 3 minutes of every day looking for one of these, for one of what??

A:  A parking space!


Q:  Thinking back to elementary school days, what is the #1 thing adults are nostalgic about?

A:  Their lunchbox!


Q:  30% of people have never once taken this advice, what is the advice?

A:  A recommendation from a server at a restaurant.


Q:  A recent survey asked pet owners to complete the sentence ‘If only I could teach my dog to ____.’
The top answers were pick up their own poop, clean the house and ____.

A: Talk!


Q:  A recent survey asked; Besides money, I wish _____ grew on trees, the 1st answer to not involve food or alcohol was, what?

A:  Books!


Q:  The average woman has 38 of these, 38 of what??

A:  Items in her purse!


Q:  33% of hiring managers say THIS is one of the biggest mistakes you can make during a job interview, what is it?

A:  Not making eye contact!


Q:  11% of people say ‘it’s never too early to’ do this, it’s never too early to do what???

A:  Start Christmas shopping!


Q:  About 20% of people say they REALLY look forward to this every Monday morning, what is it??

A:  Friday!


Q:  If you have one in your home, there’s almost an 80% chance that it never gets used…..what is it??

A:  A pool table!


Q:  Women say they best place to hide snacks from their kids or spouse is in the car, but 9% hide them here….where??

A:  In bed! (rrreeeaallly?)


Q:  The average child has said “I’m Bored”…how many times each day during quarintine?

A:  6!  (that’s it?)


Q:  Almost 5% of Americans in their mid-80’s have one of these, one of what??

A:  A job!


Q:  The last item I bought that cost more than $100 was….(the most popular answer was clothes and shoes), what’s #2?

A:  Home office furniture / equipment


Q:  Nearly 2,600 people are treated by doctors each year due to injuries associated with WHAT common household iten?

A:  Plants!………..plants?  Yes, plants.


Q:  Nearly 25% of men refuse to date a woman if she has this, if she has a what…?

A:  A twin sister!


Q:  What makes your house feel more like a home, 40% of people said THIS….said what??

A:  Your favorite books on the bookshelf!


Q:  Nearly half of people in their 20’s WON’T date someone if they DON’T do this, do what??

A:  Recycle!


Q:  2/3 of America hate it when this happens, while 20% say it’s fun….what is it??

A:  When the doorbell rings!


Q:  Americans claim that their best way of dealing with stress, is to do this….to do what??

A:  Listen to music!


Q:  6% of people dislike some neighbors because of this…..because why??

A:  Because they are always fighting!  (Just think of it as free tv)


Q:  15% of people say that you can definitely be too old to do this, too old to do what??

A:  Go to a concert!


Q:  In order to get revenge on a co-worker, 4% of people have admitted to doing this….what did they do?

A:  Hide something that belongs to them.


Q:  If you do this at work today, the 1st time will be just before 11 am, what is it??

A:  Curse!


Q:  When it comes to health, 40% of people LIE about this, lie about what??

A:  How often they FLOSS!


Q:  66% of wives don’t believe it when their husband tells them THIS, tells them what??

A:  That he’s sick. (that’s why we play it up)


Q:  It can be embarrassing if you’re caught but 75% of us do this every day….do what??

A:  Sing in the car!


Q:  80% of women have asked a total stranger this question, what is the question?

A:  Where did you get THOSE shoes?!


Q:  By the age of 23, nearly 30% of American have done this.  What have they done?

A:  They have been arrested!


Q: The average person will change this on their phone 38 times per year, what is it??

A:  Their alarm time!


Q:  People say these are accurate about 25% of the time, what are they??

A:  Fortune cookies! (Johnny 5 is Alive!)


Q:  The average age for a person to buy their 1st one is 42, what is being bought??

A:  A motorcycle!


Q:  80% of people love the smell of this, 10% say it stinks…what is it??

A:  The ocean!


Q:  If you’re going to do this at work, the most likely time is Wednesday afternoon at about 3:45….what is it??

A:  Shop online!


Q:  The average parent will spent just over $1350 on this each year, $1350 on what??

A:  Allowance!


Q:  60% of moms say “_____ is the best way to discipline their kids”, what is the best way??

A:  Taking video games away!


Q:  A survey of teenagers asked them to come up with an app;
I’d like a magical app on my phone that lets me (top 3 answers) 1) Teleport, 2) make money…..3)

A:  Pick up/zap dog poop


Q:  A survey found THIS to be the most popular activity during summer vacation, what is it??

A:  Shopping!


Q:  Most people overestimate how much they do this by about 30%, what is it??

A:  Smile!


Q:  This is the #1 way men take shortcuts while doing chores around the house, what is it?

A:  Dusting aroooouuuuunnnnnd objects!  lol, whats so bad about that?


Q:  20% of married people secretly dislike this about their spouse, what is it??

A:  Their laugh!


Q:  15% of people have stayed in a bad relationship because of this reason, because why??

A:  They liked the other person’s family


Q:  8% of people have used tax refund check to do this, to do what??

A:  Pay back a friend or family member.


Q:  Women are 60% more likely to do this in a public restroom, do what??

A:  Strike up a conversation with a stranger!  (I’d have to say you are correct)


Q:  When it comes to breakfast, 16% of people say is must include this, must include what??

A:  Soda!


Q:  The average one of these has 16 rows, the average one of what??

A:  An ear of corn!


Q:  In your life, you’ll hurt yourself about 190 times doing this…doing what??

A:  Shaving!


Q:  The average American family throws away $515 of this each year, $515 of what??

A:  Fruit!


Q:  The average American will eat 145 of these in a year, 145 of what??

A:  Sandwiches!


Q:  15% of couples with a dog say THIS is a constant source of arguments, what is??

A:  Feeding the dog at the dinner table


Q:  Almost 40% of people can admit they have accidentally done this in a car, done what??

A:  Driving the wrong way down a one way street.


Q:  If you do this today, it will take about 17 minutes and 30 seconds….what is it??

A:  Walking your dog!


Q:  60% of women will give a ‘thumbs up’ to a man’s online profile if he is holding this, holding what??

A:  A fish!


Q:  Nearly 5% of Americans in their mid 80’s have one of these, what do they have??

A:  A job!


Q:  In the last 40 years the amount of kids doing this has gone from 55% to less than 15%.  What is it??

A:  Walk to school!


Q:  20% of people have this with them at all times, what is it??

A:  Chewing gum!


Q:  56% of women say that “a real man is not afraid of ____”, not afraid of what??

A:  Spiders!


Q:  If you live in the city, this will grow 15% faster than if you live in the country….what is it??

A:  Nose hair!


Q:  The average person will do this chore about 13 times each year, what is being done??

A:  Getting the car washed!


Q:  In an average year, American businesses lose $250 because they accidentally do this, do what??

A:  Leave the closed sign up in the window!


Q: Almost 12% of Americans keep this on their refrigerator, what??

A:  Bills!


Q:  What percentage of married men would prefer it if their wife would never, ever, ever touch the backyard grill??

A:  77%


Q:  According to linguistic experts WHAT is the most difficult work to pronounce in the English language??

A:  Worcestershire!


Q:  66% of Americans who don’t do this say it’s because they’re afraid they won’t do it right, what is it??

A:  Recycle! (reeeaaalllly?)


Q:  Doing THIS takes about 5 days out of your year….doing what?

A:  Cleaning!


Q:  15% of people will try doing this themselves before calling a professional, what are 15% of people trying to do be themselves??

A:  Their – Own – Dentistry!


Q:  A survey of men found THIS is the last thing they want someone to talk bout on a date, what is it??

A:  Their diet!


Q:  In an average week, an average person will get 4.5 of these….on average.  What are they getting?

A:  Compliments!


Q:  40% of people have cut a vacation short because of this, because of why??

A:  To beat the traffic!…..really?


Q:  The average man will do this 8 times per day, he average women 60….what is it??

A: Smile!


Q:  Survey says; The least favorite part of someone’s morning routine is “getting up”, what is the 2nd least favorite part??

A:  Picking out clothes!  (doooo it the night before)


Q: They say the perfect one of these is 6.5 inches in diameter, what is it??

A:  A pancake!


Q:  Only one in six people do this every morning, what is it??

A:  Get up as soon as the alarm goes off! (meeeeee)


Q:  A survey asked; “If you could hypnotize your spouse to do 1 thing, what would it be?”  #1 answer was clean the house, what’s #2?

A:  Give a massage!


Q:  33% of kids have asked a parent to “stop doing…..”, stop doing what??

A:  Cursing!


Q:  20% of people never wash their hands after doing this, after doing what??

A:  Changing a diaper! ew…


Q:  8% of brides have THIS in common, what is it?? (It is nothing physical)

A:  They paid for the entire wedding themselves!


Q:  33% of Americans use one of these about 100 times each year, what is being used??

A:  An ATM


Q:  10 years ago the average was around $6,300 today it’s around $7,800…..what is it??

A:  An engagement ring!


Q:  “When I got my 1st job, the 1st thing I remember splurging on with a paycheck was….?”  Clothes and shoes top the last, what’s next?

A:  Food/snacks/junk food


Q:  A recent survey asked, “What is the best late night snack?” and THIS was the #1 answer….

A:  Cake!……really?


Q:  What scared you the most as a child?  This was the #1 answer….

A:  The basement and/or basement stairs


Q:  This is the #1 thing that women lie to other women about….

A:  How much they paid for clothes!


Q:  A survey asked; “What do you wish had never been invented?” and this was the #1 answer…what was it?

A:  Karaoke


Q:  On any normal day, 28% of women will have a _____ in their car, what do they have??

A:  A gym bag!


Q:  Survey says; THIS is what irritates people most about their neighbors, what??

A:  When they park in front of your home.  (Really??)


Q:  22% of people say HERE is their go-to place to keep their passwords, where is it??

A:  On a post-It note on their computer!  (where else?)


Q:  33% of burglars say they always do THIS while in their victims homes, do what??

A:  Look at their photos!  (creepy)


Q: 52% of people have been given THIS by someone, been given what??

A:  A Hickey!


Q:  A survey of parents says a child should be 9 before they do this, do what?

A:  Receive an allowance!


Q:  How have your children embarrassed you in public? #1 answer is by shouting something inappropriate, what is #2?

A:  Getting undressed!


Q:  Nearly 1/3rd of people believe they have landed a job (in part) because of this….

A:  Wearing lucky underwear!


Q:  The average woman owns 8 of these, 8  of what??

A:  Pairs of jeans!


Q:  This item will be touched an average of 25 times before it is ever purchased, what is the item??

A:  A greeting card!


Q:  Nearly 18% of women do THIS before stepping on a scale?

A:  Pray!  (really)


Q:  You are 343 times more likely to convince someone to do something if you do this, what??

A:  Ask them face – to – face.


Q:  11% of people do this at home, 81% prefer to do it away from home and 8% don’t do it at all.  What is it that is getting done…..or not getting done?

A:  Washing the car!


Q:  A server can up the amount they are tipped by nearly 18% if they do……what??

A:  Put a smiley face / note on the bottom of the check!

Q:  Nearly 75% of people do this while gambling, they do what??

A:  Pray!  (go figure)


Q:  When asked to name the most hated household chore, 24% said ______.

A:  Changing the sheets!


Q:  One in six people are able to do this in the morning, do what??

A:  Get up as soon as the alarm goes off!


Q:  In a survey, women said ‘men who are ____ are twice as likely to be better lovers.’

A:  Bald!


Q:  Just over 4,000 people injure themselves each year while playing this game, which game??

A:  Pool!


Q:  About 30% of people have used a sick day for this reason, for what reason?

A:  Bad hair day!


Q:  16% of people hate the sound of this, the sound of what??

A:  Their own voice!


Q:  8% of Americans do THIS every – single – morning, what is it??

A:  Weigh themselves!


Q:  25% of men claim to be ‘excellent’ at……what?

A:  Cooking!


Q:  A survey asked; What would you most look forward to if you were 8 years old again?  #1) riding my bike, what was #2?

A:  Eating whatever you want!


Q:  On a 1st date, what is a sure sign you won’t have a 2nd….#1 is if your guest is rude to the server, what is #2?

A:  If they spend too much time looking at their phone!


Q:  23% of Americans say they have beautiful ______.

A:  Feet!


Q:  52% of people can’t resist reading this if it’s in front of them, can’t resist reading what??

A:  Their horoscope!


Q:  What is the most difficult thing to teach your kids, #1 is how to tie shoes, what is #2??

A:  How to whistle!


Q:  12% of people say THIS is what annoyed them the most about their ex, what was it??

A:  They were a control freak!


Q:  It is estimated that only 3% of Americans have ever attended….

A:  The Opera


Q:  Only 45% of people would recognize this person if they ran in to them, who?

A:  Their state’s Governor!


Q:  If you have a teenage daughter, there’s a 45% chance she has done this without you knowing…what has she done??

A:  Snuck out of the house!


Q:  The average man uses 36 of these in a day, the average woman 33…..what are they??

A:  Emojis! 😉


Q:  One out of 7 people say they must do this each night before going to bed, what is it??

A:  Set out clothes for the next day.


Q:  This afternoon at 2pm Texas time, 57% of people in the world will be doing this, doing what?

A:  Sleeping!


Q:  Who was the first ever company to trademark a color?

A:  Owen’s Corning!  (All that pink panther insulation from back in the day…)


Q:  The average woman will keep this for about 12 years, keep what??

A:  Their hair stylist!

Q:  What is the #1 most hated household chore??

A:  Cleaning the oven!


Q:  Nearly 1/3 of people do THIS when they feel a cold coming on, do what??

A:  Go to the gym / workout


Q:  2% of people admit they have done this for/to their pet, what is it??

A:  Read to them!……..really now??


Q:  If you throw a party, about 25% of your people who show up have this in common, what is it??

A:  They arrive empty handed


Q:  Almost 30% of people say there’s far too much THIS in their life, what is it??



Q:  It takes he average person 5.1 hours to do this, to do what??

A:  Read a book!


Q:  If not toilet paper, the top 3 things people would like to stock up on are 1) wine, 2) chocolate and 3)_____

A:  Ice cream!


Q:  This year, 4,200 people will injure themselves while playing this game.  What game is it??

A:  Pool!


Q:  12% of all marriage proposals have THIS in common, what is it??

A:  There was not a ring present.


Q:  25% of men say THIS significantly improves the quality of their life on a daily basis, what is it??

A:  The TV remote control


Q:  People say; I knew I was turning in to my parents the 1st time I caught myself saying 1) “Because I said so”, what is #2??

A:  “Turn the lights off!”


Q:  There are only 3 of these in America, 55% of people have seen one in person.  What is it??

A:  Goodyear Blimp!


Q:  Americans will toss about 145 million of these in to landfills this year, what’s being chunked??

A:  Cell phones!


Q:  About 11,000 men injure themselves each year by doing this around the home…..what is it?

A:  Laundry


Q:  Although they’d never express it, 40% of people hate these kinda of social gatherings…..what are they?

A:  Gender reveal parties!


Q:  80% of office workers say they can’t get through the day without…..what?

A:  Post-It Notes!


Q:  Of all vacation photos, this is the most photographed location….what is it??

A:  Mt. Rushmore!


Q:  When people in their 40’s were asked to name their biggest regret, THIS was the #1 answer….

A:  Not traveling enough


Q:  52% of married men say they do this at least once a week for their spouse, what is it?

A:  Tell them they are beautiful.  Awe..


Q:  57% of people do THIS every time they go on vacation, what is it??

A:  Over pack!


Q:  What do you do if you feel a cold coming on?  36% of people said this, said what??

A:  Go to the gym / work out


Q:  One out of 15 Americans will steal this in the next year, steal what??

A:  Toilet paper!


Q:  10% of people find THIS to be the most attractive thing about someone they’re seeing, what is it??

A:  Their bank account!


Q:  For women under 25, this is the top nickname they give their car…..what is it??

A:  “Baby”


Q:  70% of people in relationships insist they remember THIS about their 1st date, what is it?

A:  A song that played on the radio!


Q:  About 1/3 of people say this is the only thing they like about going in to work, what is it??

A:  The gossip!


Q:  In a recent survey, as expected, anchovies were the grossest pizza topping.  What is #2?

A:  Olives!


Q:  One in 7 women do this to their home before company comes over, what is it??

A:  Put on a new roll of TP!


Q:  “The most stressful thing I do in the morning is ____”, what was the #1 answer….

A: Waking up, getting out of bed!


Q:  The average temperature of ____ is 58 degrees…

A:  The Earth’s surface


Q:  6% of people have put off breaking up with someone for this reason, why??

A:  The other person’s birthday was coming up!


Q:  Nearly 80% of people do THIS whenever they eat at home, some whenever eating in public as well….what is it?

A:  Sit in the same place


Q:  This, on average will last for only 91 hours, what is it??

A:  A Diet!


Q:  The average one of these weighs the same as about 92 elephants, what is it??

A:  A cloud!


Q:  There are about 1800 of these in the world right now and they are moving, what are they??

A:  Thunderstorms!


Q:  The average man says he can only do THIS for 24 minutes, what s it?

A:  Shop


Q:  Nearly 50% of Americans take a shower after doing this, after doing what??

A:  After having a bath!  Hmm….


Q:  66% of parents say this is much easier to do with girls than with boys, what is it??

A:  Name them!


Q:  Online daters get 40% fewer responses if they are wearing this, wearing what??

A:  Sunglasses!


Q:  1.1 million boxes of THIS are sold in America every day, what is it??

A:  Mac n’ Cheese!


Q:  1 in 7 people with a tattoo have a tattoo of THIS somewhere on them, what is it??

A:  A pet’s name


Q:  “If they won’t give me a raise, can my boss at least give me ____.”  The top 3 answers are; More vacation time, nap time…..and/or what?  What’s #3?

A:  Free Food!


Q:  66% of teenagers admit to doing this in the middle of the night, what is it??

A:  Raid the fridge!


Q:  40% of people love these, 25% of people are terrified of them.  What are they??

A:  Thunderstorms!


Q:  The average woman will spend 75 minutes per week doing this, doing what??

A:  Blow-drying her hairs!


Q:  There are 38 of these in the world, 6 in America…..what??

A:  Time zones!


Q:  What are the worst sounds in the world?  1) nails on a chalk board 2) vomiting….what is #3?

A:  Styrofoam squeaking or a plastic straw on a lid


Q:  18% of people have never been here, have never been where??

A:  A haunted house!


Q:  80% of men leave these together, 50% of women take them apart…..what is the object?

A:  Oreo Cookies!


Q:  Enough of THIS is sold each year to circle the earth 13 times, what is it??

A:  Duct Tape!


Q:  25% of people who work from home say that they regularly do THIS while on the clock, do what??

A:  Play video games!


Q:  60% of home cooked meals in America have THIS in common, what is it??

A:  They have no vegetable


Q:  A survey asked; “If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring 1 thing, what would it be?” and THIS was the #1 answer.  What would they bring??

A:  Their pet!


Q:  The average parent will say this 600 times per year, what is being said??

A:  Hurry Up!


Q:  Nearly 1/3rd of men say they aren’t quite sure how to use one of these, one of whats??

A:  A dishwasher!  (ask it nicely…)


Q:  Almost 10% of America is still paying for this, paying for what??

A:  Last years Christmas!


Q:  123,000 women will go to an emergency room this year because of an injury caused by this, by what??

A:  High Heels!


Q:  Kids enjoy them, even though they are responsible for about 2800 ER visits / year.  What are they??

A:  Crayons!


Q:  This is the #1 online purchase after drinking too much, what is it??

A:  Concert tickets!


Q:  You probably won’t do this much after the age of 10, 10% of adults have this experience once a month.  What is it?

A:  A Nightmare!


Q:  35% of women says THIS could definitely make someone ‘un-dateable’, what is it?

A:  Their name!……..damn!


Q:  This will happen to about 15% of drivers on the road today, what is it??

A:  The ‘low fuel light’ will come on.


Q:  35% of women have gone out on a Friday night with THIS in their purse, what is it??

A:  An extra pair of shoes…..really?


Q:  Studies show that 60% of drivers don’t know how to do this, what is it??

A:  Jumpstart a car!


Q:  22% of Americans eat this every day, what is it??

A:  Cereal!


Q:  1 out of 9 people hide money here, where??

A:  In a shoe!


Q:  Nearly 12% of people have considered moving because of…..what??

A:  Bad cell/wifi service


Q:  32% of people admit to doing this knowing it annoys everyone around them, what is it??

A:  Talking during a movie


Q:  People who do this usually start planning 45 days in advance, what are they doing??

A:  Dressing up for Halloween!


Q:  75% of people who have trouble sleeping at night blame this, blame what??

A:  Their pet!


Q:  The average person will spend 7.5 hours each year doing this at work, doing what??

A:  Doing a co-workers job for them


Q:  You are 30% more likely to do this on a Monday than any other day of the week, what is it??

A:  Lock your keys in your car!


Q:  1 out of every 7 of these are yellow, what are they??

A:  M&M’s!


Q:  7% of people have either had a car accident or come close because they were…..?

A:  Sneezing!


Q:  The average one will last between 28 and 30 years, what is it??

A:  A coin!


Q:  The average person says, this is perfect if it lasts 25 minutes.  What is it??

A:  A nap!


Q:  35% of women have dressed as this for Halloween, dressed as what??

A:  A cat!


Q:  Right now, 7% of people have a _____ under their bed.  What is it??

A:  A gift for someone!


Q:  40% say THIS is the best way to spend quality time with their family, what are they doing??

A:  Going on a road trip!


Q:  Age 31 is when the average woman has the most of these, the most of what??

A:  Friends!


Q:  25% of women have cried here, where??

A:  At the salon!


Q:  20% of Americans won’t leave home without this, without what??

A:  Gum!


Q:  30% of people won’t date you if you have a _______.

A:  Roommate!


Q:  One out of 8 men admit that they’d rather do this chore than spend time with family, what is it??

A:  Wash their car!


Q:  The average parent won’t let their child do this for themselves until they are 12, what is it??

A:  Laundry!


Q:  70% of us do this every time we eat dinner, what is it??

A:  We sit in the same spot


Q:  You’ll touch this about 5 and a half times every hour, on average…..what is it??

A:  Your nose!


Q:  25% of kids say this is the worst thing about riding in the car with mom or dad, what is it??

A:  When they yell at other drivers


Q:  Americans waste about 24 million of these every day, what is it??

A:  Slices of bread!


Q:  About 15% of people keep this in their desk at work, keep what??

A:  Deodorant!


Q:  It takes the average person 21 seconds to do this, to do what??

A:  To pee!


Q:  Nearly 10% of people have left this behind at a hotel, what is it??

A:  A shoe!  (usually just one)


Q:  According to a recent survey, the most helpful ‘how to’ videos on Youtube are; 1)how to boil and egg and 2) is….what?

A:  How to unclog a toilet!


Q:  80% of couples go to bed at different times so they can do this, do what??

A:  Shop online!


Q:  The average person will do this about 14 hours after a break-up, what is it??

A:  Change their relationship status online


Q:  The average parent will spend 30 hours this year doing this, (it happens in the car), doing what??

A:  ………Waiting…….


Q:  5% of people have cried at the end of this, the end of what??

A:  A vacation!  (perhaps you need a different job)


Q:  61% of dog owners do THIS regularly with their dog, do what??

A:  Kiss them on the lips (ehhhh….no)


Q:  This was voted ‘the thing that annoys people most’ about their coworkers, what is it??

A:  Smelly food


Q:  About 40% of people say it’s not unusual to end up doing THIS on their lunch break, doing what??

A:  Working thru it!


Q:  According to a recent survey, the 3 most cherished material possessions are; 1) books, 2) Photos and #3)_______

A:  Their bed!


Q:  22% of Americans eat this every single day, eat what??

A:  Cereal!


Q:  If there was an extra hour in the day, 5% of people would do this, do what??

A:  Work!  (really?!)


Q:  What don’t you get enough of?…..12% of people said this, what is it??

A:  Sunshine!


Q:  A survey has found that this is the most stressful thing that can happen to you, what is it??

A:  Losing your wallet  (oh really?)


Q:  “I can’t wait for my kids to go back to school so I can…”  #1 answer is sleep, what 2nd on the list?

A:  Keep the home clean!


Q:  15% of married men NEVER do this at home, what is it??

A:  Change the toilet paper roll!


Q:  25% of people who take this to the office have no plan on using it, what is it??

A:  A gym bag!


Q:  5% of people say they are most afraid of this animal, what is it??

A:  Birds!


Q:  75% of women who have one, get a new one ever 10 years…  What is it??

A:  The lil black dress


Q:  3200 people went to an ER last year after tripping over this, tripping over what??

A:  A laundry basket!


Q:  15% of women and 25% of men would love to change this about their appearance, change what??

A:  Straighten their teeth!


Q:  12% of people hate this the most about flying, what is it??

A:  Not enough room for their carry-on!


Q:  In a recent survey of people, 40% of men didn’t really mind but 90% of women couldn’t stand it, what is it??

A:  A cracked cell phone screen.


Q:  The average person goes through 800 of these in their lifetime, mostly before age 11.  What is it??

A:  Crayons!


Q:  It takes mom about 32 seconds longer to do this than it does dad, what is it??

A:  Change a diaper!


Q:  60% of Americans will go here at least once a year, where??

A:  The beach!


Q:  The average person will use 5 of these in the course of a week, 5 what??

A:  Passwords!


Q:  Tourists were asked ‘which foods best describe America?’; the #1 answer was “burger and fries”, what was #2?

A:  Pop-tarts!


Q:  When applying for a new job, 30% of people say THIS was the worst thing about their previous job.  What is it??

A:  The coffee!


Q:  33% of college students will do this before they graduate, 10% will do it more than once.  What is it??

A:  Change their major!


Q:  Of all the dogs named after food, WHAT is the #1 name?

A:  Oreo!


Q:  The average one lasts about 2 hours and 50 minutes, what is it?

A:  A family road trip!


Q:  5% of people hide presents here, hide presents where??

A:  In luggage!


Q:  2% of people have admitted to stealing this from a hotel, what is it?

A:  A plant!


Q:  80% of men do not know the name of their woman’s……what??

A:  favorite perfume!


Q:  3 days per month the average person doesn’t want to go to work because of this, for why??

A:  Because they hate all of their clothes!


Q: “If you could have lunch with any person fron history, who would it be?”; this was the top movie star named…

A:  Robin Williams!


Q:  15% of people have hit one of these with their car, one of what??

A:  A mailbox!


Q:  5% of teachers have done this, most regret it….what is it??

A:  Dated the parent of a student!


Q:  When asked “what are your happiest memories from childhood?”; 30% of people included THIS….

A:  The sound of an ice cream truck!


Q:  3% of Americans do no have a single ____ in their home, what is it??

A:  A book!


Q:  The average person will spend 12 hours this year doing this, doing what??

A:  Waiting on hold!


Q:  10% of parents would change THIS if they could go back, would change what??

A:  They’d change the nae of their kid!


Q:  60% of women say they have done this on company time, done what??

A:  Go to a tanning salon!


Q:  A little over 50% of women say they actually do this much better than their husband, what is it??

A:  Mow the lawn!


Q:  When you buy this product, 10 – 15% of it goes to waste.  What is it?

A:  A loaf of bread!


Q: 24% of engaged coupled in America have this in common, what is it??

A:  He got down on 1 knee to propose.


Q:  It takes the average person about 50 minutes to do this, to do what??

A:  Reply to a message!


Q:  40% of pet owners believe their pet is _____.

A:  Psychic!


Q:  As many as 8% of car accidents are caused by this, caused by what?

A:  A bug!


Q:  People in this profession walk an average of 2.75 miles each day, what are they doing??

A:  Cutting hair!


Q:  Between now and the end of the year, $335,000,000 worth of these will be stolen, what??

A:  Shopping carts!


Q:  3% of people have lost their ______ while on vacation, lost their what??

A:  Their children!


Q:  3% of people admit that they have done this at the office, done what??

A:  Snoop through a coworkers desk!


Q:  The average one has just under 900 parts, what is it??

A:  A Bicycle!


Q:  25% of people have brought this with them on a 1st date, brought what??

A:  Their pet!


Q:  31% of homes have one of these that no longer works, what is it??

A:  An air freshener!


Q:  66% of kids lied about this in the past year, lied about what??

A:  Doing their homework!


Q:  This will be part of dinner for 20% of people this evening, what is it??

A:  Rice!


Q:  Average people only use about 70% of this, 70% of what??

A:  Their wardrobe!


Q:  This has happened to 1 in 5 people at a birthday party, what??

A:  They had prank candles on the cake!


Q:  The average one of these will be used 2,100 times before getting replaced, what is it??

A:  A coffee mug!


Q:  The average person does WHAT about 22 times each day??

A:  Complain!


Q:  Doing this in the middle of your day can increase energy levels by 30%, doing what??

A:  Brushing your teeth!


Q:  37% of these purchased this year will never get used, what are they?

A:  Swim suits!


Q:  5% of people have had this happen to them on a business trip, what is it??

A:  They got arrested! (damn!)


Q:  9% of people have been hit in the face with this, with what??

A:  A rubber band!


Q:  30% of people worry about this each and every day, what is it??

A: Their alarm clock not going off before work.


Q:  The average American will forget to do this 45 times per year, what is it??

A:  Put on deodorant!


Q:  The price of one of these will change about 70 times before it’s all gone, what is it??

A:  An Airline ticket!


Q:  13% of women have helped their partner by doing this for them, by doing what??

A:  ….by plucking their ear or nose hairs.


Q:   Nearly 125,000 people will go to the ER this year because of an injury caused by this, caused by what??

A:  High Heels!


Q:  The average age for a person to buy their 1st one is 41, what is it??

A:  A Motorcycle!


Q:  8.5% of people share this with their dog or cat, what is it??

A:  Their pillow!


Q:  8% of men will do this for their lady and not tell their friends, what are they doing??

A:  Painting their toe nails


Q:  50% of men have this happen before they turn 21, 33% of women do as well.  What is it??

A:  They get fired from a job!


Q:  1 out of 20 men have attempted to grill this, grill what??

A:  French Fries!


Q:  In a recent poll, the #1 celebrity couple people wished lived next door are….who?

A:  Chip and Joanna Gaines!


Q:  About 1 in 70 people have never been here, have never been where??

A:  To a dentist!


Q:  About 66% of people say they regret doing THIS at work, what is it??

A:  Using the vending machine


Q:  27% of people do THIS in their sleep, do what??

A:  Laugh!


Q:  On average this will last 4 minutes and 12 seconds, what is it??

A:  Case of the hiccups!


Q:  A survey of adults found the top 3 things wanted in an adult Easter egg would be, 1) money, 2) puppies and 3)….?

A:  Keys to a new car!


Q:  45% of interviewers say that you really hurt your chances of getting hired if you do this, do what??

A:  If you bring a gift to the interview!  (WHAT!?)


Q:  20% of people enjoy the taste of this, 80% of peole say these taste horrible.  What is it??

A:  Envelopes!


Q:  They are a common sight but 26% of people have never been inside of one, what is it??

A:  An Airplane!


Q:  40% of people do THIS at home every single day, do what??

A:  Make the bed!


Q:  1 in 7 people have quit a job for THIS reason, what is it??

A:  A failed office romance!  {whomp, whomp, whoooomp}


Q:  25% of women say that their most common dream/fantasy is about…..what?

A:  Quitting their job!


Q:  40% of kids get their 1st one of these by their 4th birthday, what is it?

A:  A cavity!


Q:  9% of people who were scared of these as a kid are still afraid of them as adults.  What might it be??

A:  Balloons!


Q:  If you do this today it will take you an average of 20.2 seconds, what is it??

A: Leave a voice mail!


Q:  70% of online daters are turned off by this, by what??

A:  Bad spelling!


Q:  3% of people say they have purchased this while drunk, purchased what??

A:  A Vacation!


Q:  The average age of a _______ being used in America is about 140 months, what is it??

A:  An Automobile!


Q:  62% of people do this every morning while on the way to work or school, what is it??

A:  Sing with the radio!  (….and you do an awesome job)


Q:  15% of people have not changed this daily routine in at least 2 years, what is it??

A:  What they have / do for lunch.


Q:  The 2 things retirees most look forward to are 1) sleep and 2) travel.  What is most desired location to travel to??

A:  Australia!


Q:  When asked ‘what do you wish your pet could do?’, 50% of people said this…

A:  Brush their own teeth!


Q:  5% of people do this every hour at work, do what??

A:  They contact their spouse!  (…..oh……)


Q:  The youngest person to officially do this was 9, the oldest 89….what is it?

A:  Bowl a perfect game!


Q:  20 years ago people did this 3 times per day, now it’s 1 or fewer…..what is it??

A:  Make a phone call!


Q:  15% of men have THIS on with their desk or dashboard, what is it??

A:  A picture of their pet!


Q:  80% of people say they are good at THIS, but really, it’s only about 40%…..what is it??

A:  Spelling!


Q:  22% of people do this while watching their favorite team play, do what??

A:  Bite their nails!


Q:  Only 20% of teenagers have one of these, one of whats??

A:  A Wristwatch!


Q:  15% of men did this when proposing, what is it??

A:  They broke out in to a cold sweat.


Q:  31 is the average age when people stop doing this, stop doing what??

A:  Having yearly birthday parties!


Q:  The average one of these lasts 410 days, the average one of what??

A:  An Engagement!  {LOL}


Q:  A little over half of people say they wish they could go back in time and change this, change what??

A:  Their college major!


Q:  If you took all of these eaten in America this year and laid them out, they would circle the Earth 50 times.  What are they?

A:  Pepperoni!


Q:  Experts say that we consume 15% more calories if we do THIS while eating, if we do what??

A:  If we are looking down at our phones!


Q:  The average person has 13 of these, 13 of what??

A:  Secrets!


Q:  Nearly 35% of married men can’t tell you THIS about their wife…..can’t tell you what??

A:  Their shoe size!


Q:  The average person will have this happen to them 6 times in 90 days, so once every 2 weeks.  What is happening???

A:  You are being sneezed on!


Q:  Employers say that this is their 2nd biggest employee fashion pet peeve (behind wearing tennis shoes), what is it??

A:  Wrinkled clothing!
That’s why you need a wrinkle resistant tuxedo shirt.


Q:  According to a recent survey, what turned off almost 40% of women while on a 1st date??
Hint:  It’s in the car

A:  Dirty laundry!


Q:  It’s estimated that these cost American companies more than $30 million in lost productivity every month….what are they??

A:  Affairs!


Q:  15% of people say they feel guilty after doing this, after doing what??

A:  After eating fast food!  (that’s why you get a taco salad)


Q:  The average guy will do this 6 times on a 1st date, will do what??

A:  Tell a lie!  (dang.)


Q:  1 in 12 women have blamed a failed diet on this, on what??

A:  The cold weather!


Q:  THIS is the #1 thing we remember arguing with our siblings about as kids…

A:  Who is riding shotgun!


Q:  When it comes to Valentines Day, 4% of people have this in common, what is it??

A:  They have never spent a dime on it!


Q:  Almost 40% of women surveyed said THIS is what they really want for valentines day….what is it??

A:  A babysitter!


Q:  40% of men do not know this about their partner, don’t know what??

A:  Their favorite flower!


Q:  “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” is the #1 thing kids hate to hear their parents say, what is #@??

A:  “We’llllll seeeee”


Q:  The average one of these lasts about 22 minutes, the average one of what??

A:  An Argument!


Q:  15% of men do not think their partner does this well, does what??

A:  Park the car!


Q:  American’s consume an average of 13 pounds of this each year, of what??

A:  Cereal!


Q:  As far as job perks and benefits go, 45% of people would leave for another company OR stay at the current company if offered this, if offered what?

A:  Half off Fridays!


Q:  30% of people have called in sick for work because of this, because of what??

A:  because it was the day after a big sports event, Super Bowl hangover.


Q:  40% of people say THIS is the way to get better results at the gym, what??

A:  Buy some better headphones!  (rrrrreally?)


Q:  Nearly HALF of all women hate it when a man is trying to be romantic and does this…..does what??

A:  Blows in her ear!  (ya weirdo)

Q:  50% of new car purchasers heavily consider THIS before buying, what is it??

A:  How the vehicle will function for their dog.  Oh…..ok, then.


Q:  The longest one of these ever recorded lasted 73 seconds, what is it??

A:  A Burp!


Q:  90% of dog owners say their animal can do this, can do what??

A:  Smile!


Q:  20% of women say THIS is the greatest noise in the world, what is it??

A:  The sound of a bottle opening and a liquid pouring.  (probably wine)


Q:  People were surveyed about the oldest item help in their fridge/freezer and #1 was a condiment of some kind, #2 was meet, #3 was…?

A:  Pickles!  or something pickled.


Q:  It takes the average person 5 tries to perfect one of these, one of whats??

A:  A selfie!


Q:  40% of people will do this before company comes over, will do what??

A:  Light a candle!


Q:  The average person will suffer this 212 times in their life, what is happening to them??

A:  They cut themselves whiles shaving!


Q:  Almost 30% of men have surprised their significant other by doing this, by doing what??

A:  Writing them a love poem!


Q:  15% of women are more likely to message a man on a dating site if he includes this in his profile, includes what??

A:  A picture of his pet!


Q:  5% of people have played a video game here, where??

A:  While Driving!  (Holy crap!)


Q:  They say THIS is the most dangerous food to eat while driving, what??

A:  Potato chips!


Q:  “I was tired” is the #1 answer to someone asking “Why didn’t you work out today?”  With 23%, what is the #2 most common reason??

A:  “I ate too much.”  The holidays are still going on…..for my stomach.


Q:  The average person does THIS 4 times per week, does what??

A:  Quotes a line from a movie!  “OVER the LIIIINE!”


Q:  The top 3 most common New Years resolutions for 2019 are to STOP doing this so much, 10 complaining, 20 eating and 3 ______?

A:  Cursing!


Q:  Right now there are just under 2,000 in the world and they are all moving…..what are they??

A:  Thunderstorms!


Q:  Experts say that THIS has 40 times more germs on it than public toilet seats……what is so dirty??

A:  The buttons in an elevator.


Q:  3% of people, only 3% have stolen this from work, have stolen what??

A:  Money!


Q:  People were surveyed and if taking part in an eating competition, which food would they prefer?  #1 ice cream, #2 chips, #3 pizze tied with ___

A: Tacos!  (sounds treacherous)


Q:  30% of adults didn’t do this at all last year, 15% never ever have……what is it??

A:  Drink alcohol!


Q:  30% of people have resolved to NOT do this at work during 2019, not do what??

A:  Not eat junk food!


Q:  Moms are 40% more likely to do this to their kids than dads, do what??

A:  Get in their piggy bank!


Q:  This year 150,000 men did THIS on Christmas morning, did what??

A:  Popped the BIG question!  (that’s a pretty expensive gift)


Q:  10% of families will do THIS before breakfast on Christmas morning, will do what??

A:  Argue!  (dang…..what could be so important?)


Q:  A recent survey revealed that this is the worst Christmas gift a man can give his wife…what is it??

A:  A toaster!  (I can think of far worse)


Q:  30% of married men do this once during the year without telling their wife, do what??

A:  Gamble!


Q:  20% of people have done THIS before the holiday shopping season begins, have done what??

A:  Get signed up for a new credit card!  (…..that’s a horrible idea….)


Q:  Between now and the end of the year, 800 people will go to the ER after eating this, eating what??

A:  A Christmas light!  (wt…..F?)


Q:  90% of people have at least 20 of these at home, I have about 3…..what??

A:  Gift bags!  (20?!)


Q:  Restaurant servers get 40% more tips when they do this, when they do what??

A:  Introduce themselves by name.


Q:  80% of people have never eaten this, 20% have.  What is it??

A:  Dog food!  (nah, you can have all the dog food.)


Q:  According to a study, doing THIS is free and can improve your self confidence….doing what??

A:  Standing up straight!


Q:  75% of people say THIS is what gets them in the holiday vibe, what??

A:  Shopping!  (it’s the only time of yer they spend money on others)


Q:  Fewer than 7% of people in the world can say they have this, have what??

A:  A college degree!


Q:  Couples who have been married over 10 years fight about this more than anything else…..fight about what??

A:  What to watch on T.V.!


Q:  This food item has send 2,500 people to the hospital in the past year, what is it??

A:  Pizza!


Q:  31% of married men keep this for only about 7 years, keep what??

Q:  The same underwear!  (it’s not a fashion show)


Q:  According to a survey, the more you do THIS the more people will like you?  (I’d say it’s situational)

A:  The more you ask question!


Q:  If you bought this recently, there’s a 40% chance it was the wrong size…..what??

A:  Gloves!


Q:  There are 12 different ways to fold one of these, what is it??

A:  A handkerchief!


Q:  25% of holiday shoppers have THIS as their #1 pet peeve, what??

A:  People who park in 2 spots at a time.


Q:  This is the #1 reason people say they flirt at work, why??

A:  To get someone else to do their job!


Q:  It is estimated that 1.2 million people did this yesterday, on Thanksgiving.  What did they do??

A:  Participated in a marathon!  (not me!)


Q:  According to a recent survey, THIS is the most common pick-up line.  What??

A:  “I lost my number, can I have yours?”…….it might also get you a dumb look.


Q:  Last year THIS was at 35% of Thanksgiving tables, this year it’ll be 50%.  What??

A:  Cell Phones!


Q:  70% of women have requested their significant other to do THIS before going out, do what??

A:  Change their shoes!


Q:  55% of people would NOT admit to doing this unless they were caught, what is it??

A:  Hitting a parked car!  (Not I, wasn’t me.)


Q:  40% of women have used a lemon for THIS, for what??

A:  To lighten the color of their hair.


Q: 8% of women have ruined at least ONE of THESE, one of what??

A:  Thanksgiving Dinner!  (I say that’s impossible)


Q:  Every day across America nearly $18,000 is stolen from here, from where??

A:  Vending Machines!


Q:  35% of people say THIS is their significant other’s most annoying habit, what??

A:  Channel Surfing!


Q:  If a message from a man to a woman begins with this greeting, she is 20% less likely to open it.  What is the wrong greeting??

A:  Howdy!


Q:  The average parent tell their child THIS, an average of 4 times each week.  Tells them what??

A:  Tie your shoes!


Q:  40% of people do THIS 3 times each night, do what??

A:  Find the ‘cool side of the pillow’


Q:  35% of people won’t ever do THIS because they know someone else will, what is it??

A:  They won’t ever change a burnt out light bulb.


Q:  30% of people have requested THIS while going through a fast food drive-thru, have requested what??

A:  Dog treats!


Q:  Nearly 15% of elementary school students aspire too be THIS when they grow up…..what is it??

A:  A Zookeeper!


Q:  50% of married men are guilty of this, 25% of married women are too….what is it??

A:  Forgetting their spouses birthday!


Q:  According to a new Halloween poll, THIS is the most favorite candy received while Trick-or-Treating….what??

A:  Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups


Q:  10% of people admit to having done this in a haunted house, having done what??

A:  Lost control of their bladder.


Q:  Some experts say that having THIS at your work space gives you a 90% better chance of getting a raise….having what??

A:  A bowl of candy!


Q:  Nearly a quarter of people trust this person more than their own boss, trust who??

A:  Their Mechanic!  (Wow!)


Q:  25% of married couples say THIS is the best way to avoid arguments.

A:  Having separate checking accounts!


Q:  The average American household looses 3 of these each year, what is being lost??

A:  Spoons!  (you can still make the bent spoon work)


Q:  A little over 40% of Thanksgiving dinners will feature this, will feature what??  (it is not edible)

A:  A kids table!


Q:  A man can burn 1200 calories just by doing this, by doing what??

A:  Watching an entire football game!  (dunno about baseball)


Q:  The top 3 places to NOT use your cell phone are: 1) while driving, 2) in church and…..where?

A:  While in line at the store!


Q:  45% of couples will not tell their partner if they do THIS, do what??

A:  If they cheat on their diet!  (your guilt is strong)


Q:  Sales of THIS have declined nearly 6% over the past 12 months, sales of what??

A:  Razors for your face!


Q:  15% of adults say they wouldn’t be able to do THIS….but they did it before.  What is it??

A:  Pass a written driving test!


Q:  If you have a collection of VHS tapes at home, this is the most likely title on your shelf…..

A:  The Lion King!


Q:  A survey asked women what they would like to change about their man, the top 3 answers were; 1) The way he dresses 2) What he eats and…?

A:  Who his friends are!


Q:  90% of women say THIS is the biggest fashion mistake that a man can make.  What is it??

A:  Wearing pants that are too short.  High waters 😉


Q:  A recent survey asked people if they could name a monthly magazine about their life, what would it be called?  “____ Monthly” was the #1 answer.

A:  Stressed!


Q:  A study says that you will eat 35% less food if you do this at meal time, do what??

A:  Chew loudly!  (yeeaahh…..you may also have 35% fewer people wanting to have dinner with you.)


Q:  When hiring managers asked potential employees “what was the worst past about your previous position?”; 35% of people said THIS…

A:  The quality of the coffee!  (Was it not free?!)


Q:  20% of people do not know if their vehicle has this, has what??

A:  A spare tire!  (really?  Really.)


Q:  40% of women secretly wish they had……what??

A:  Smaller FEET!


Q:  40% of happily married women can not remember this, remember what??

A:  Where they had their 1st date.


Q:  The average man loses this at the age of 52, loses what??

A:  His sense of style!


Q:  Couples say they do this with their friends 4 – 5 times per year, do what??

A:  Have a game night!


Q:  15% of adults admit to having a drink or two before…..this.  Before what?

A:  Going to the dentist!


Q:  In a survey of people near the age of 25, most ranked THIS as a daily necessity even high than daylight.  What is so important?

A:  The Internet!


Q:  15% of consumers will never change this, change what??

A:  The brand of coffee!


Q:  On any given day, 75% of school kids lie to their parents about……what?

A:  The amount of homework they have!


Q:  The #1 thing that people between the ages of 25 and 35 are saving for is, what??

A:  A vacation!


Q:  30% of women have attempted to lose weight by eating this and this alone, what??

A:  Baby Food!


Q:  On a Tinder survey, more than 50% of women ‘swiped right’ on the picture of a man holding……what??

A:  A fish!  (why?!)


Q:  40% of people have yelled for “HELP” from this situation, what situation??

A:  They ran out of toilet paper!


Q:  The #1 sign that someone trusts you is when they give you their house key, what is #2??

A:  When they ask you to watch their pet.


Q:  The average person who does this will quit after 105 days..

A:  Becoming a vegan


Q:  70% of women have asked a woman stranger, THIS, what??

A:  “Where’d you get those shoes???”


Q:  In a survey of young adults, French Fries are the most addictive food, followed by…..what?

A:  M&M’s!


Q:  12% of people have broken up with someone because _______, because why?

A:  They forgot their birthday!


Q:  The average 20-something believe they will accomplish this by the age of 31…..

A:  Pay off student loans!

Friday 8/24/18

Q:  THIS has 400 times more germs on it than the office toilet area, what is it??

A:  Your desk! (ew)

Thursday 8/23/19

Q:  30% of new hires said ________ when asked; “what was the worst thing about their previous job?”

A:  The quality of the coffee! (oh wow)

Wednesday 8/22/18

Q:  33% of employees say they would be much more productive if their employer provided ______.

A:  A comfy office chair!

Tuesday 8/21/18

Q:  15% of married women have done this in the past year and NOT told their husband, what did they do??

A:  Gotten in to a fender bender!

Monday 8/20/1

Q:  2% of married people met their better half here, they met them where??

A:  At the grocery store!

Friday 8/17/18

Q:  33% of people have dumped someone because of this, 33% of people have been dumped because of…..?

A:  They were too dumb!  (I hope they sugar coated the reason just a bit)

Thursday 8/16/18

Q:  20% of people eat their french fries this way, 20% of people eat their french fries which way??

A:  Dipped in milk shake (guilty)

Wednesday 8/15/18

Q:  Nearly 30% of kids have this in their backpack, have what??

A:  Hand sanitizer!

Tuesday 8/14/18

Q:  Enough of these sold last year that would wrap around the Earth’s equator 9 times.  What was bought?

A:  K-cups for coffee!

Monday 8/13/18

Q:  40% of people will include this in their online dating profile in hopes of attracting a mate.  Include what??

A:  Their favorite TV show.  (and the Netflix battle begins)

Friday 8/3/18

Q:  12% of people who have to hide something, hide it where??

A:  In a shoe!

Thursday 8/2/18

Q:  50% of men have fallen asleep while doing this, while doing what??

A:  Getting their hair cut! (bzzzzzzz)

Wednesday 8/1/18

Q:  40% of people never wash this at home, never wash what??

A:  Vegetables!

Tuesday 7/31/18

Q:  According to a survey, THIS is the #1 thing that people do around the house that makes dad angry…..what??

A:  Leaving the lights on! (but the list is extensive)

Monday 7/30/18

Q:  20% of people are guilty of doing THIS at work, twice a week…..what??

A:  Being late!

Friday 7/27/18

Q:  The average woman does this 25 times per year compared to 4 for the average man, what is being done??

A:  Changing/washing the sheets

Thursday 7/26/18

Q:  It happened on accident, 1.5 billion times in 2017……what happened?

A:  A golf ball got lost!

Wednesday 7/25/18

Q:  Over 50% of women say they do THIS better than their husband, do what??

A:  Mow the Lawn!

Tuesday 7/24/18

Q:  The average person will experience this 3.8 times every 24 hours.  What is it??

A:  A dream!  (1400 times each year)

Monday 7/23/18

Q:  You can win a Jumburrito gift card every day with the R.A.T. on ROCK 95.1, but the 1st ever gift card came from here, where??

A:  Blockbuster!

Friday 7/20/18

Q:  1  out of 8 people have had THIS happen to them on a 1st date, what??

A:  A car accident!

Thursday 7/19/18

Q:  52% of women say that a ‘real man’ shouldn’t be afraid of this, afraid of what??

A:  Spiders!

Wednesday 7/18/18

Q:  25% of people surveyed say they would most like to see this technological advancement in their lifetime, which technological advancement?

A:  Teleportation!  (I just don’t want to be the 1st)

Tuesday 7/17/18

Q:  60% of women responded in a positive way to the profile picture of a man holding a _____.

A:  A Fish!

Monday 7/16/18

Q:  33% of kids who receive an allowance have THIS chore to do, which??

A:  Picking up dog poop!

Friday 7/13/18

Q:  4% of people never ever do this, 4% of people never ever do what??

A:  Get their car washed!

Thursday 7/12/18

Q:  Each year, 2 billion dollars is spent across the world to combat…..what??

A:  Bad Breath!

Wednesday 7/11/18

Q:  20% of men will not go on a 2nd date with a woman because of…….what??

A:  Her perfume!

Tuesday 7/10/18

Q:  Wedding DJ’s say THIS happens at about 1/3 of wedding receptions.  What happens??

A:  A fist fight!

Monday 7/9/18

Q:  90% of the time this is consumed, it is done outside of the home……what is it??

A:  French Fries!

Friday 6/29/18

Q:  20% of people miss ______ then on vacation, miss what??

A:  Their Co-workers!

Thursday 6/28/18

Q:  25% of men have done THIS in order to impress a 1st date…..

A:  Grow some stubble.  (do you mean shave down the beard?)

Wednesday 6/27/18

Q:  7% of people are afraid to wear these, wear what??

A: Bowling Shoes!

Tuesday 6/26/18

Q:  33% of people say THIS is rude to do over text……what??

A:  Give 1 word responses.

Monday 6/25/18

Q:  Over 40% of people do not know the ingredients of THIS and still eat it, what??

A:  A Hot dog!

Friday 6/22/18

Q:  20% of women who have found their man to be cheating, found this, found….what??

A:  A receipt!

Thursday 6/21/18

Q:  40% of people on summer vacation want to do THIS….

A:  Swim with Dolphins!  (no thanks)

Wednesday 6/20/18

Q:  25% of singles say a person without THIS is more attractive, a person without what??

A:  A Social Media Profile!

Tuesday 6/19/18

Q:  More than 40% of women instantly find a man more attractive if he is willing to do……what??

A:  Iron Clothes!

Monday 6/18/18

Q:  75% of moms say they ‘get the most stressed while watching their kids do’ this, do what??

A:  Play Sports!

Friday 6/15/18

Q:  20% of men say that the most trouble they ever got in to as a kid, involved _______?

A:  A BB Gun!  (well, you’ll shoot your eye out.)

Thursday 6/14/18

Q:  A new study reveals that THIS leads to us ordering unhealthy food when ordering out, what??

A:  Loud music!

Tuesday 6/12/18

Q:  The average person spends $365,000 on THIS in their lifetime, on what??

A:  Impulse purchases!

Monday 6/11/18

Q:  40% of women can’t remember THIS about their husband…

A:  Their 1st date!

Friday 6/8/18

Q: 75% of people will do this at some point today or tomorrow, I’ll do it twice….what is it??

A: Fill a gas tank!

Thursday 6/7/18

Q: 77% of people do THIS when they grocery shop, do what??

A: Get something fro the impulse rack by the register.

Wednesday 6/6/18

Q: 10% of Americans have never gone…..here, where??

A: Out of state!

Tuesday 6/5/18

Q: Nearly 25% of American women will do THIS at lest once this summer, do what??

A: Go fishing! (bait the hook for her, man)

Monday 6/4/18

Q: 33% of women would change THIS about their wedding, if they could…

A: How they wore their hair!

Friday 6/1/18

Q: 26% of women carry THIS in their purse, carry what??

A: Gum!

Thursday 5/31/18

Q: 20% of people do THIS secretly at work, do what?

A) Adjust the thermostat! (MEEEEEE!)

Wednesday 5/30/18

Q: 33% of women say they haven’t done THIS is a very long time. It’s a lie, but what is it??

A: Pick their nose! (I see you in traffic)

Tuesday 5/29/18

Q: 20% of women have tried to lose weight for this 1 reason, what??

A: High School reunion!

Friday 5/25/18

Q: 10% of pets have THIS in common, what might it be?

A: They have their own social media account!……not strange at all…..

Thursday 5/24/18

Q: According to a recent survey, what is America’s ‘Best Loved Brand’?

A: GOOGLE! (they knew I was typing this as I was typing this…)

Wednesday 5/23/18

Q: 30% of men said THIS is the least fashionable thing for a woman to wear….

A: Animal print! (rawr)

Tuesday 5/22/18

Q: 80% of people consider this time of day to be their own special “me time”, when is it??

A: On the drive to work!

Monday 5/21/18

Q: Nearly 50% of people have THIS on their bucket list, what is it??

A: Ride in a hot air balloon!

Friday 5/18/18

Q: 80% of parents admit to having bribed their kids with _____?

A: Ice Cream! (I will also take that bribe)

Thursday 5/17/18

Q: Cleaning the toilet, was recently voted “the worst household chore”, however 12% of people said it was ______.

A: Unclogging a drain!

Wednesday 5/16/18

Q: 15% of men say they are better at THIS than women…..what??

A: Ironing!

Tuesday 5/15/18

Q: The average length of this is 43 words…..what??

A: The handwritten message inside a mother’s day card.

Monday 5/14/18

Q: 1 out of 7 people claim to have eaten an entire ____.

A: A Cake!

Friday 5/11/18

Q: 10% of people dislike their neighbor because of THIS, why??

A: They get in to loud arguments.

Thursday 5/10/18

Q: Studies show that doing THIS every day can reduce stress, anxiety, even improve balance….doing what??

A: Rocking in a rocking chair!

Wednesday 5/9/18

Q: 40% of people have lied about THIS to a friend, about what??

A: Not being able to help them move 😉

Tuesday 5/8/18

Q: 60% of women consider a man with THIS to be more attractive, what does the man have??

A: A lil belly, love handles

Monday 5/7/18

Q: 33% of people have vowed to do THIS better at work this year, do what??

A: Eat better, cut out the junk food.

Friday 5/4/18

Q: 66% of women say that doing THIS relaxes them, doing what??

A: Eating chocolate!

Thursday 5/3/18

Q: Reasons your co-workers may dislike you; 1) You’ve stolen a lunch….. What are the #2 and #3 reasons?

A: You eat too loudly & You burnt popcorn in the microwave. Shame, Shame.

Wednesday 5/2/18

Q: North Americans consume more of this beverage than any other region of the world, what’s the drink??

A: Orange Juice!

Tuesday 5/1/18

Q: Adults make THIS purchase ever 2.5 years on average. What is being bought?

A: New Tires!

Monday 4/30/18

Q: According to kids, this is the 1 thing that dad is better at than mom…

A: Teaching them how to drive! 😉

Friday 4/27/18

Q: During the course of an average career, someone does this 6,000 times. Does what??

A: Attend a meeting! (weeee!)

Thursday 4/26/18

Q: A third of people DO NOT respect this warning label, which could be quite harmful. What is the warning??

A: Food expiration dates!

Wednesday 4/25/18

Q: 25% of people have purchased THIS while on vacation……what??

A: Underwear! (you either planned perfectly or horribly)

Tuesday 4/24/18

Q: If you do this today, you are most likely to do it between 7:30 and 8pm. What??

A: Cry! Boo – Hoo….

Monday 4/23/18

Q: 5% of people say THIS is the most beautiful thing about their significant other…..what??

A: Their Teeth!

Friday 4/20/18

Q: Experts say that you shouldn’t let your kid do THIS alone until they are 8 years old….do what??

A: Brush their teeth!

Wednesday 4/18/18

Q: 50% of people say they will not date someone who drinks…..what?

A: Instant Coffee!

Tuesday 4/17/18

Q: 65% of people hate it when this happens at home, 20% of people LOVE it! Weirdos… what is it??

A: When the doorbell rings!

Monday 4/16/18

Q: 70% of people in relationships say that they are the person to do THIS, FIRST every single time it needs to be done. What??

A: Say “I’m Sorry”

Friday 4/13/18

Q: Kids were asked “if you were stuck on a deserted island for one year, what is 1 food you could life off of?”; 10% said ____.

A: Cheetos!

Thursday 4/12/18

Q: The average person will consume 3,000 of these in their lifetime…..40/year! 3,000 of what??

A: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Wednesday 4/11

Q: 15% of guys admit to having done THIS at a gym, in order to impress a woman. What??

A: GRUNT loudly!

Tuesday 4/10/18

Q: George Washington was credited for producing more ______ than anyone else in the US in 1799, more what??

A: Whiskey! 11,000 gallons!

Monday 4/9/18

Q: 18% of people admit to having done this, at work, while no one is looking….

A: Stealing someone’s lunch!

Friday 4/6/18

Q: The average person spends 28 minutes each week doing this, doing what??

A: Searching for the perfect parking place.

Thursday 4/5/18

Q: Americans do THIS 60% more today than just 5 years ago…..what??

A: Text!

Wednesday 4/4/18

Q: The average woman has about 11 of these, 11 of what??

A: Extra pounds!

Tuesday 4/3/18

Q: 60% of people believe THIS will no longer exist in their lifetime….what??

A: Physical currency!

Monday 4/2/18

Q: 25% of Americans NEVER use this, use what??

A: Deodorant! 😉

Friday 3/30/18

Q: Nearly 95% of American kitchens have one of these in them, one of what??

A: A bottle of ketchup! (mine does not)

Thursday 3/29/18

Q: 10% of men can’t tell you THIS about their partner…..can’t tell you what??

A: Their eye color!

Wednesday 3/28/18

Q: DISNEY is said to release nearly 200 of these around the theme park every single night. release what??

A: Cats!

Tuesday 3/27/18

Q: It costs nearly $48 / year yo have a ______, what??

A: A Fish! (tank, food, electricity…)

Friday 3/16/18

Q: Nearly 20,000 people are injured each year by falling from……what??

A: A treadmill! Tread carefully or don’t tread at all.

Thursday 3/15/18

Q: Doing THIS for 15 minutes burns as many calories as an hour of moderate exercise….doing what??

A: Shivering!

Wednesday 3/14/18

Q: Scientists say that you will find 40 times more germ activity on THIS than in a public restroom. On….what??

A: Elevator buttons! (that’s why you have elbows)

Tuesday 3/13/18

Q: 10% of weddings in the US last year involved……what??

A: An animal in the ceremony in some way. A pet!

Monday 3/12/18

Q: Where are the 2 most common places for a woman to hide her snacks?

A: In the car and/or the closet.

Friday 3/9/18

Q: 20% of adults eat this every – single – day, eat what??

A: Cereal!

Thursday 3/8/18

Q: 60% of couples have gotten in a ‘heated discussion’ about this in the home, about what??

A: To rinse or not rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. (obviously you rinse, duh!)

Wednesday 3/7/18

Q: Of all the things to hate about living in an apartment, 15% say it is THIS…..

A: Not having a washer & dryer in home.

Tuesday 3/6/18

Q: 25% of women have asked a man out because of this specific reason, why??

A: The way he smell!

Monday 3/5/18

Q: How many feet of foil did Jumburrito use in 2017??

A: 1,800,000 (almost from Midland to Dallas, Texas!)

Friday 3/2/18

Q: About 40% of people think that their workplace NEVER gets this right, what??

A: The office temperature

Thursday 3/1/18

Q: How many light bulbs are in the average household??

A: 41!

Wednesday 2/28/18

Q: 45% of married people spend money without telling their spouse, 20% are spending money on WHAT?

A: Lottery Tickets!

Tuesday 2/27/18

Q: 22% of people can do this all – by – themselves, do what??

A: Eat an entire pizza!

Monday 2/26/18

Q: Nearly ALL the people over the age of 100 (in this survey) do it everyday, do what??

A: Eat a good breakfast!

Friday 2/23/18

Q: The 3 most common food allergies are….

A: 1) Peanuts, 2) Milk and 3) eggs!

Thursday 2/22/18

Q: 15% say ‘when you buy THIS for the 1st time, you can consider yourself an adult’…..buy what??

A: Insurance!

Wednesday 2/21/18

Q: THIS happens in the U.S. nearly 6,000 times every – single – day, what??

A: A marriage!

Tuesday 2/20/18

Q: Coffee is the most recognizable smell, peanut butter #2, what is #3??

A: A rose!

Monday 2/19/18

Q: 5% of people on Earth have NEVER eaten a….

A: Girl Scout Cookie!

Friday 2/16/18

Q: The average person would give up 90 minutes of sleep per night in exchange for….what?

A: A 10% raise!

Thursday 2/15/18

Q: 10% of people will postpone a break-up because of THIS…

A: An upcoming vacation! (…..don’t do that….)

Wednesday 2/14/18

Q: There’s a new study out from Michigan State University that says THIS is making us dumber at work…

A: The Lighting (specifically dimmer lighting)

Tuesday 2/13/18

Q: Nearly HALF of all women really, really want THIS for Valentine’s Day. What??

A: A handwritten note!

Monday 2/12/18

Q: 55% of women fantasize about THIS once per month, about what??

A: Quitting their job!

Friday 2/9/18

Q: 10% of people hide their money HERE, hide their money….where??

A: In A Shoe!

Thursday 2/8/18

Q: There’s a portion of Route 66 in New Mexico where if drivers adhere to a 45mph speed limit, rumble strips play what song??

A: America The Beautiful!

Wednesday 2/7/18

Q: What % of football fans would skip their own wedding in order to attend the Super Bowl?

A: 17%! (admitted)

Tuesday 2/6/18

Q: 22% of people say that they can’t live without a really nice……what?

A: Mattress!

Monday 2/5/18

Q: 42% of adults say they spend more money of THIS in January than in any other month…

A: Heat!

Friday 2/2/18

Q: What % of people will “call in sick” to work after the big football game??

A: 27%!

Thursday 2/1/18

Q: If someone ever says “Arkansas Wedding Cake”, what are they referring to??

A: Corn Bread!

Wednesday 1/31/18

Q: According to Zookeepers, what is the meanest animal in the zoo??

A: The Zebra!

Tuesday 1/30/18

The average person can name 5 of these, 5 oh what??

A: Recipes!

Monday 1/29/18

Q: Of people who dislike their job, 40% stay because of THIS…

A: An easy commute.

Friday 1/26/18

Q: 1.35 billion chicken wings are consumed during “the big football game”, how many wings would it take (end to end) to stretch across the world??

A: 450 million!

Thursday 1/25/18

Q: Average couples do THIS 225 times per year, couples in Alaska do it about 110 times. What??

A: Fight/argue

Wednesday 1/24/18

Q: The average couple gets together to do this about 3 times each week, what??

A: Google something!

Tuesday 1/23/18

Q: $8 / week is the average take for a kid’s allowance, and extra $1.50 is THIS is done as well….

A: Vacuum!

Monday 1/22/18

Q: 50% of these are discontinued in the 1st, 5 years…..half of what??

A: Breakfast Cereals!

Friday 1/19/18

Q: 20% of people with cell phones have THIS in common, what??

A: They have dropped it in a toilet!

Thursday 1/18/18

Q: 15% of people have something to say about THIS every – single – day……what??

A: The Weather!

Wednesday 1/17/18

Q: 30% of people do not leave their home without ___.

A: Gum!

Tuesday 1/16/18

Q: 25% of people admit that THIS is their most common, BIG fear…..what??

A: That their phone battery will run out.

Monday 1/15/18

Q: 1/3rd of people surveyed admit to overspending on THIS during the holiday season…

A: Alcohol

Friday 1/12/18

Q: 50,000 people were surveyed and _____ is the #1 thing that would make work more enjoyable.

A: Praise!

Thursday 1/11/18

Q: If someone can do THIS, their I.Q. is 5 points higher on average.

A: Play a musical instrument.

Wednesday 1/10/17

Q: Pizza is the #1 food to throw people off of a New Years resolution “diet plan”, what is #2??

A: Chinese!

Tuesday 1/9/18

Q: 33% of snake bite victims have what in common?

A: They are intoxicated!

Monday 1/8/18

Q: Feline scientists say cats communicate using how many “cat words”? (different meows)

A: 16

Thursday 1/4/17

Q: 2% of people have admitted to stealing THIS from a hotel, stealing what??

A: The Bible. Really?

Wednesday 1/3/18

Q: It’s estimated that 11 million households took part in THIS, this holiday season….

A: Elf on the shelf!

Tuesday 1/2/18

Q: The average one of these lasts about 7 years, what is it??

A: An artificial Christmas Tree!

Thursday 12/21/17

Q: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A: As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood, of course.

Wednesday 12/20/17

Q: 50% of millennials believe it’s ok to do THIS in public, 10% of older people feel the same way, what is it??

A: Floss!

Tuesday 12/19/17

Q: Nearly HALF of all mall Santa Claus’ have THIS in common, what??

A: A college degree!

Monday 12/18/17

Q: 66% of people on Earth have seen this, 1/3rd of all have not…..what is it??

A: Snow!

Friday 12/15/17

Q: The average woman has a total of 20 of these, 20 of what??

A: Gift bags! (hidden in the closet)

Thursday 12/14/17

Q: In 2003, adults bought an average of 15 of these…..this year only 3. What is the purchase??

A: DVD’s!

Wednesday 12/13/17

Q: In the past month, nearly 30% of people have had this happen to them during the morning commute, what happened??

A: Spilled coffee!

Tuesday 12/12/17

Q: Neatly 75% of THIS is purchased during the holiday season…..what?

A: Scotch Tape!

Monday 12/11/17

Q: Nearly 40% of people do THIS to help fund the holiday season, do what??

A: Cash in their loose change!

Friday 12/8/17

Q: Doing THIS makes someone about 30% more likable, doing what?

A: Nodding while someone is speaking.

Thursday 12/7/17

Q: 15% of people have accidentally done this while holiday shopping, done what??

A: run in to a parking lot pole.

Wednesday 12/6/17

Q: The most common thing for couples to argue about while in a vehicle is the temp., what is #2?

A: Holidays! {cold shiver}

Tuesday 12/5/17

Q: 35% of people have do THIS at (or to) their office Christmas party, what might it be??

A: They have left it to go to another party.

Monday 12/4/17

Q: According to a recent study, men who have THESE make better life decisions. Men who have what??

A: Daughters!

Friday 12/1/17

Q: In a poll of extant mothers, THIS is the most often craved food…

A: Nachos!

Thursday 11/30/17

Q: Mickey Mouse was the 1st fictional character on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which character is the most recent?

A: Snoopy!

Wednesday 11/29/17

Q: The average employee says that they waste nearly an hour each day doing THIS, doing what??

A: Correcting the mistakes of others! (if this is news to you, it’s probably your mistakes that are being worked on 😉

Tuesday 11/28/17

Q: Roughly 40% of couples disagree on how to do THIS at home, what is it??

A: Load – the – dishwasher. (back to front, left to right….what is there to argue about?)

Monday 11/27/17

Q: If you get THIS as a gift, there is about a 75% chance that you aren’t the 1st to receive it…..what?

A: A candle, the most re-gifted item.

Wednesday 11/22/17

Q: They say, statistically, someone will do THIS 9 times in their life, do what??

A: Lock the keys inside the ride!

Tuesday 11/21/17

Q: What was the 1st meal eaten by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin after walking on the moon’s surface for the 1st time?

A: Foil packets of roasted turkey! Mmmmm-mmm, right?

Monday 11/20/17

Q: The average pay phone takes in about $____ per year?

A: $230 / year, $1.59 / day

Friday 11/17/17

Q: Experts say that Monday is the best day of the week to buy _____?

A: A New Car!

Thursday 11/16/17

Q: Every year, close to 80,000 people get bitten by ______?

A: Other people!

Wednesday 11/15/17

Q: 66% of women find it attractive when a man does THIS, 33% absolutely do not….

A: Sweat!

Tuesday 11/14/17

Q: 80% of millennials have never eaten ______?

A: A Big Mac!

Monday 11/13/17

Q: 20% of pet owners do THIS for them (once), do what??

A: Include them in their will!

Friday 11/10/17

Q: 70% of these are fake, what??

A: Sports autographs!

Thursday 11/9/17

Q: 20% of women will not divulge this information until after a 1st date, what’s the info?

A: They have a cat! (or many cats…)

Wednesday 11/8

Q: People over the age of 50 have said that ______ makes them feel younger than anything else, what does??

A: Driving! (…..maybe you should take the bus….)

Tuesday 11/7

Q: 60% of employers are less likely to promote someone who does _____ in the office.

A: Curses!

Monday 11/6/17

Q: 80% of women say “_____ is the hottest and most simple thing a man can do.” What is it?

A: Dress nice! Oh the power of the shirt collar!

Friday 11/3/17

Q: If you use these, it costs about $0.25 each year……?

A: Your Blinkers!

Thursday 11/2/17

Q: As far as distractions at work are concerned, #1 is social media, #2 is office gossip…..what is #3??

A: People looking for other places on employment! (yikes)

Wednesday 11/1/17

Q: What % of America HATES it when the doorbell rings?

A: 65%

Tuesday 10/31/17

Q: According to experts, kids are better at this than adults, (it does not involve technology), kids are better at what??

A: Handwriting!

Monday 10/30/17

Q: If you were to string all of the Duct Tape together which is sold in a year’s time, home many times would it go around the earth??

A: 13 times!

Friday 10/27/17

Q: 1 out of 5 adults in America are unable to name one of these, one what??

A:: An Author!

Thursday 10/26/17

Q: _____ was the #1 answer on a survey asking; “What is the top simple thing that makes you happy?”

A: Hugs!

Wednesday 10/25/17

Q: Just over 10% of all these in America are EMPTY, 10% of what??

A: Homes!

Tuesday 10/24/17

Q: The average age someone starts doing this is 41, what are they doing??

A: Taking Vitamins!

Monday 10/23/17

Q: This is consumed about 350 times every second, what??

A: Pizza!

Friday 10/20/2017

Q: 20% of women have left here in tears, where??

A: The salon!

Thursday 10/19/17

Q: 17% of people still use this method to communicate?

A: Post cards!

Wednesday 10/18/17

Q: What is the average salary of someone who plays Fantasy Football?

A: $79,000

Tuesday 10/17/17

Q: When first meeting someone, about 40% of people admit to forming a negative opinion if the person has…..what?

A: Sweat stains!

Monday 10/16/17

Q: 7% of Americans are still paying for this, paying for what??

A: Last years Christmas!

Friday 10/13/17

Q: People in which profession are most likely to get a speeding ticket?

A: Doctors! (but they had a good reason to speed, right?)

Thursday 10/12/17

Q: 45 million people do this everyday and many people find it to be insincere, what is it??

A: Saying “Happy Birthday” on Facebook.

Wednesday 10/11/17

Q: Which celebrity would people like to share pizza with more than any other?

A: The Rock!

Tuesday 10/10/17

Q: 70% of people do THIS every time they go out to eat, do what??

A: Order the same thing from the same place.

Monday 10/09/2017

Q: THIS company uses more explosives than any other company in the United states, even more than the Department of Defense……which company?

A: Disney! (all those nightly firework displays)

Friday 10/6/17

Q: Nearly 40% of people would give up THIS (for a year) in exchange for free pizza on demand. They would give up what??

A: Bacon!

Thursday 10/5/17

Q: Americans will spend about 400 million dollars this Halloween on this, on what??

A: Greeting cards! (really?!)

Wednesday 10/4/17

Q: According to the experts (women) THIS tops the list of what to NOT call a lady, what??

A: Hormonal!

Tuesday 10/3/17

Q: Every second of any day, there is about 16 million tons of what falling to earth?

A: Rain water!

Monday 10/2/17

Q: The average American will do this 20 times each day they are at home, what are they doing??

A: Opening the fridge! (I can think of about 12 good reasons)

Friday 9/29/17

Q: The average person will do this about 2 million times in their lifetime, do what??

A: Curse! (No @%&@#)

Thursday 9/28/17

Q: 35% of people have shown up for the work day, wearing this…..wearing what??

A: A sales tag still on their clothing.

Wednesday 9/27/17

Q: 6% of people taking a sick day are actually doing this, doing what??

A: Binge watching NETFLIX!

Tuesday 9/26/17

Q: When it comes to raising kids, 33% of dads say they can’t do THIS, can’t do what??

A: Pull a tooth

Monday 9/25/17

Q: 1/6th of college students in the classroom do not possess this skill, what skill?

A: The ability to write in cursive! (just smudge all the letters together)

Friday 9/22/17

Q: According to research, what smell is most able to put a man in a good mood??

A: The smell of bacon cooking! (because when you smell it, someone else is probably making it)

Thursday 9/21/17

Q: 10% of the staples made each year are used for this, used for what??

A: Tea Bags!

Wednesday 9/20

Q: According to real estate agents, homes with this in particular are 40% more difficult to sell. Homes with what??

A: The number 13 in the address!

Tuesday 9/19

Q: How many computers does the average person come in contact with in an average day??

A: 300! (What happens if they turn against us?)

Monday 9/18/17

Q: Flight attendants say that THIS is the worst thing someone can do during a flight, what is it??
(it is legal)

A: Clip their toe nails!

Friday 9/15/17

Q: 4 out of 10 people flush they toilet with THIS, with what??

A: Their elbow! (really?)

Thursday 9/14/17

Q: MEN consume 75% of the worlds supply of….what?

A: Potato chips!

Wednesday 9/6/17

Q: The average parent spends about $700 per child for THIS, each year. For what??

A: Sports equipment and youth leagues

Tuesday 9/5/2014

Q: This household item was 1st invented in the mid-1800’s and is still used today! What is it??

A: A Can Opener!

Friday 9/1/17

Q: 75% of the worlds beer supply is consumed by which country?

A: China! (1.3 billion thirsty people)

Thursday 8/31/17

Q: According to the experts, THIS is the most difficult item to flush down a toilet. What??

A: A ping pong ball.

Wednesday 8/30/17

Q: Nearly 25% of people lie about this on their resume, lie about what??

A: The length of their prior employment(s)

Tuesday 8/29/17

Q: If you could only eat 2 food items from now until the end of time, what would they be??

A: #1 on the survey is pizza, #2 is steak.
What if you put steak on your pizza? Personally, I’d do chicken.

Monday 8/28/17

Q: Tourism to this destination has increased 800% within the past 25 years…..where??

A: Antarctica!

Friday 8./25/17

Q: Guys who wear THIS at the gym are more likely to get hit on, guys who wear what??

A: Hoodies!

Thursday 8/24/17

Q: 10% of people have crashed a car because of this, because of….why??

A: A bug crawled on or near them!

Wednesday 8/23/17

Q: You’ll have a problem once every 2,222 times you encounter one of these, one of what??

A: A stair!….or a set of stairs.

Tuesday 8/22/17

Q: The majority of household accidents are caused by 3 items; chainsaw, microwave and…..???

A: Rugs!

Monday 8/21/17

Q: It’s Solar Eclipse Mondaaaayyyy! if you miss the site this afternoon, when will the next solar eclipse come around??

A: April of 2024

Friday 8/18/17

Q: 30% of adults in the United States have MORE than 1 of these, more than one what??

A: Jobs!

Thursday 8/17/17

Q: 15% of people are addicted to eating this, to eating what??

A: Cucumbers! (some people like their cucumbers pickled)

Wednesday 8/16/17

Q: 40% of moms qill do this at some point during the 1st week of school, do what??

A: Take a bath!

Tuesday 8/15/17

Q: How many square miles of manicured lawns exist in the USA?

A: 50,000 square miles!

Monday 8/14/17

Q: This activity, usually done while seated can increase one’s breathing rate but bout 40%. What is the activity??

A: Typing! (whew)

Friday 8/11/17

Q: The average American will spend close to 16 hours and $300 this year in search of this, in search of what??

A: The Perfect Parking Spot!

Thursday 8/10/17

Q: If a grasshopper was the size of a human being, how far could it jump??

A: 94 feet! (The length of a basketball court.)

Wednesday 8/9/17

Q: What happens 818 times per second during summer months??

A: A hot dog is eaten!

Tuesday 8/8/17

Q: 35% of married men will not do this without asking their wife, will not do what??

A: Touch the thermostat!

Monday 8/7/17

Q: If you’re average, you’ll do this about 100 times in the course of 3 years. You’ll do what??

A: Break the law!

Friday 8/4/17

Q: If you do this while in a bar you will burn about 20 calories…

A: Sing Karaoke!

Thursday 8/3/17

Q: People spend about 4 seconds longer HERE than they did just 5 years ago, where??

A: At red lights, because of texting.

Wednesday 8/2/17

Q: 44% of people surveyed would like to see THIS as an Olympic sport, what is the activity?

A: Dodge Ball!

Tuesday 8/1/17

Q: Nearly 20% of women have broken up with a man for this reason, por que?

A: Because of his mother!

Monday 7/31/17

Q: Nearly 40% of people have worn this on their head at one time or another, worn what??

A: Mickey Mouse ears! {The embroidery on those hats is how I learned how to read cursive!)

Thursday 7/27/17

Q: 75% of men say when they do THIS they have more personality, when they do what??

A: Grow facial hair! (let the face drapes be!)

Wednesday 7/26/17

Q: Doing THIS can increase your chances of getting that new job by 15%, doing what??

A: Whitening your teeth! (No thanks)

Tuesday 7/25/17

Q: 25% of women (Estrogen Based Creatures, EBC’s) say they do this while on vacation but not when at home….what??

A: Read a book!

Monday 7/24/17

Q: 1/3rd of all wedding gifts received (from people in the wedding) have this in common, what might it be??

A: They were purchased using a coupon!

Friday 7/21/17

Q: A new study says THIS is the #1 thing you can do to help save the planet…..what??

A: Not have kiddos! (have a kid, plant a tree and start recycling to help maintain this marble)

Thursday 7/20/17

Q: 3,000 people each year en up in the ER because they tripped on……what??

A: A laundry Basket!

Wednesday 7/19/17

Q: Just over 10% of people who dislike their home say they problem is THIS:

A: The Neighbors!

Tuesday 7/18/17

Q: 25% of drivers end up doing THIS once per day, doing what??

A: Running a stoplight or stop sign. (I paused, I paused!)

Monday 7/17/17

Q: Last year alone nearly $20 billion of advertising was spent here, where??

A: Advertising on sports broadcasts!

Thursday 7/13/17

Q: 10% of people have lied about this in order to impress a date, lied about what??

A: Where they have vacationed! (Why?! Go on trips together…)

Wednesday 7/12/17

Q: If this happens, there is about an 85% chance that you are male. What is it?

A: Struck by lightning!

Tuesday 7/11/17

Q: Someone is most likely to do THIS on a Monday, right around 2:30 in the afternoon. Do what??

A: Daydream!

Monday 7/10/17

Q: Only 10% of American families make an effort to save…..what?

A: Leftovers!

Friday 7/7/17

Q: The worlds longest one on record has been measured to be just under 7 1/4 inches (seven and a quarter), what is it??

A: An ear hair! (comb that over the top!)

Thursday 7/6/17

Q: 10% of people would like this household device in their car/truck, what is it??

A: A Microwave! (friends don’t let friends microwave and drive….)

Friday 6/30/17

Q: In the past century, the average size of this has grown by 700%, the average size of what??

A: Wine Glasses! (das booooot!)

Thursday 6/29/17

Q: 60% of vehicles on the road today have one of these which goes unused, one of what??

A: A cassette player!

Wednesday 6/28/17

Q: At what age does the average woman feel as if she has ‘become her mother’?

A: 34! (cold shiver)

Tuesday 6/27/17

Q: Adults were asked about the most stressful places they go, #1 on the list is the workplace, what is #2??

A: The Mall!

Monday 6/26/17

Q: 27% of men will not date a woman who has this, who has what??

A: An identical twin!

Friday 6/23/17

Q: Doing THIS at work, between projects will increase productivity. Doing what??

A: Washing hands! (it kinda resets the brain)

Thursday 6/22/17

Q: It is estimated that Americans will lose just under 2.5 million of these this year……of what??

A: Wisdom Teeth! (and go figure, too old to get that tooth fairy dollar)

Wednesday 6/21/17

Q: A survey asked; “If you were stranded on deserted island and could only bring one thing, what would it be?” What was the #1 answer??

A: Their pet! (and I was thinking ‘boat’)

Tuesday 6/20/17

Q: 20% of people who shop online have done so here, where??

A: At the store!

Monday 6/19/17

Q: Nearly 25% of people who were ‘up to no good’ on the tv show “Cheaters” were driving WHAT particular vehicle?

A: Lexus!

Friday 6/16/17

Q: 45% of people surveyed think people should wait until 25 to do this, to do what??

A: Get a credit card!

Thursday 6/15/17

Q: 10% of bosses do not trust an employee who has this, who has what??

A: A clean desk! (hmm……damned if ya do)

Wednesday 6/14/17

Q: 40% of people either will not date or have broken up with some one because of this, por que??

A: A difference in political views.

Tuesday 6/13/17

Q: The average person has not done this in 9.5 years, has not done what??

A: Ridden a bicycle!

Monday 6/12/17

Q: 5% of people do this in the shower, what do 5% of people do in the shower??

A: Sit down! (why?……………………………..)

Thursday 6/9/17

Q: 7 out of 10 people say THIS helps them stay fit. What is it??

A: Their dog!

Wednesday 6/8/17

Q: What creepy crawly has a venom 15 times that of a rattlesnake?

A: A Black Widow spider! (shiver)

Wednesday 6/7/17

Q: There’s about 320 million tons of this on the earth, millions tons of what??

A: People!

Tuesday 6/6/17

Q: Almost HALF of those who work out spend $100 on this, on what??

A: Headphones! (at least you can still use them when working out gets old)

Monday 6/5/17

Q: Roughly 40% of people end up doing this when they are angry, end up doing what??

A: Eating ice cream! (oh the paradox of those wedding cake Blue Bell flavors…)

Friday 6/2/17

Q: 20% of men secretly wish they had one of these, while 40% of women do as well. What is being secretly wished for??

A: A Piercing! (get it, rock on with your bad self)

Thursday 6/1/17

Q: What percentage of Estrogen Based Creatures (women) get suspicious when their man buys them flowers for no reason??

A: 75, 75%?! You were just trying to be nice!

Wednesday 5/31/17

Q: More dog owners name their pet after this food than any other…..what is the food??

A: Oreo! (when I was a kiddo we had a cat named “Cookie”)

Tuesday 5/30/17

Q: The stat says that 20% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 do not have any of these, any of what??

A: Books! (at least put some on display so your friends can give you some sort of credit.)

Monday 5/29/17

Q: On Memorial Day, what time is the National Moment of Remembrance?

A: 3pm, local time
(The idea for the Moment was born when children touring the Nation’s Capital were asked by the Commission’s Director what Memorial Day means. They responded, “That’s the day the pool opens.”)

Friday 5/26/17

Q: 6 out of 10 people have WHAT in common when they go to a restaurant??

A: They order the same thing! (heck, I am one)

Thursday 5/25/17

Q: 24% of women say THIS is their partner’s worst habit around the home??

A: leaving shower towels on the bed! (who does that……knock it off.)

Wednesday 5/24/17

Q: 80% of Estrogen Based Creatures (women) have a secret fund for this, for what??

A: Shoes!

Tuesday 5/22/17

Q:  12% of couples admit to doing this while their significant other is not home, doing what??

Monday 5/22/17

Q:  75% of these luxury/recreational items go unused, what is being bought and not played with??

A:  Pool Tables!

Friday 5/19/17

Q:  The normal 4 year old will do this about 49 times each day, what?

A:  Ask WHY.  (No kidding.)

Thursday 5/18/17

Q:  The average man uses 2 of these, the average woman uses 4, what is being used??

A:  Pillows! (what the heck do you need 4 pillows for?)

Wednesday 5/17/17

Q:  Of all the things Estrogen Based Creatures crave when pregnant, what food is the most commonly craved??

A:  Nachos!

Tuesday 5/16/17

Q:  33 is the average age people stop doing this, what is it that they stop doing??

A:  Having birthday parties!  (after 30, everything just costs money and/or hurts the next day)

Monday 5/15

Q:  Grilled cheese may be the #1 comfort food, but, 1/3rd of married men side with this, with what??

A:  Mashed potatoes!  (less cleanup)

Friday 5/12/17

Q:  Roughly 1/2 of all roadside litter is _____?

A:  Cigarette butts!

Thursday 5/11/17

Q:  Estrogen based creatures do THIS 75% more than men, do what??

A:  Blink!  (fake eyelashes are heavy.)

Wednesday 5/10/17

Q:  The average American will walk almost 4 miles this year, just by doing this?

A:  Making the bed!

Tuesday 5/9/17

Q:  Nearly 30% of people know someone who did this while on vacation, did what??

A:  They left someone stranded! (whoa)

Monday 5/8/17

Q:  How much does the average college student spend per semester on textbooks?

A:  $1,100……….($1,100?!….I know ways around that!)

Friday 5/5/17

Q:  Which recreational activity, more than any other  is responsible for sending the most Americans to the ER?

A:  Yoga!

Thursday 5/4/17

Q:  8% of mean have a picture of this in their work space, a picture of what??

A:  Their truck!

Wednesday 5/3/17

Q:  How many pounds of belly button lint will the average person produce in their lifetime??

A:  14 lbs.!  (Collect that stuff and show your friends!)

Tuesday 5/2/17

Q:  30% of married people don’t know this about their spouse, do not know what??

A:  How much they make each year!

Monday 5/1/17

Q:  10% of all the rice grown in America goes towards…..what??

A:  The brewing of beer!!!

Friday 4/28/17

Q:  75% of people over 40 have one of these, 75% of people under 40 do not, what is it??

A:  A phone book!  (so many trees….)

Thursday 4/27/17

Q:  A third of office workers say THIS is the most annoying sound made by co-workers, what is it??

A:  Sniffling

Wednesday 4/26/17

Q:  Across the USA, what is the average cost for 1 person to spend on prom?

A:  $919
($919?!?!?!  For real?)

Tuesday 4/25/17

Q:  38% of people do this every day at work, do what??

A:  Dress casually!

Monday 4/24/17

Q:  A dollar bill can be folded how many time in the same spot before it tears?

A:  About 4000!
(I’m happy to take all the broken ones)

Friday 4/21/17

Q:  Nearly 1/3rd of children under the age of 6 have requested their parents to stop _____?

A:  Cussing!

Thursday 4/20/17

Q:  What percentage of married men would prefer it if their wife would never, ever, ever touch the backyard grill??

A:  77%

Wednesday 4/19/17

Q:  This is the place you are most likely to lose your phone, where??

A:  At the grocery store!

Tuesday 4/18/17

Q:  This happens 3 million times every minute, what is happening??

A:  A “Like” on Facebook.

Monday 4/17/17

Q:  This year almost 10% of tax refund money will be spent on this, on what??

A:  Concert tickets!

Friday 4/14/17

Q:  40% of people see some one more attractive if they wear this, wear what??

A:  Sunglasses!

Thursday 4/13/17

Q:  4% of the worlds population has never used this and does not plan on ever doing so, what is not being used??

A:  A public restroom!
(gotta get that home-bowl advantage)

Wednesday 4/12/17

Q:  30% of EBC’s (estrogen based creatures) will do THIS in hope of impressing a man when on a 1st date, do what??

A:  Wear a push-up bra!
(or falsely advertise)

Tuesday 4/11/17

Q:  1/3rd of husbands have hidden this from their wife, hidden what??

A:  A speeding ticket!  (good luck with that)

Monday 4/10/17

Q:  6 out of 10 people on planet Earth will never see this, never see what??

A:  Snow!

Friday 4/7/17

Q:  12% of all motorcycles have THIS in common, what??

A:  The exist in California!  (2 or 4 wheels, the PCH is a must.)

Thursday 4/6/17

Q:  About 1 out of 3 women will clean this today, clean what??

A:  Their belly button.  (but what about the bird that lives in there)

Wednesday 4/5/17

Q:  Nearly 30% of these will end up in landfills, 30% of what??

A:  Pennies!  (I would Scrooge McDuck dive in to that mess!)

Tuesday 4/4/17

Q:  At any given moment of any given day, about 20% of everyone has forgotten this, forgotten what??

A:  What DAY it is!

Monday 4/3/17

Q:  Each weekday THIS happens nearly 11 million times, what is happening?

A:  Meetings in the workplace!  (probably about future meetings in regards to the past)

Friday 3/31/17

Q: 80% of women 45 years of age and older have done this, done what???

A:  Had a baby!

Thursday 3/30/17

Q:  Each week, nearly 750,000 people purchase something from here, where??

A: A garage/yard sale!
(Gotta love strangers asking to use your bathroom)

Wednesday 3/29/17

Q:  The average person does WHAT about 20 times each day??

A:  Complain!  (do it in the parking lot…..inside your car……by yourself)

Tuesday 3/28/17

Q:  40% of couples 1st started talking about marriage while they are here, where??

A:  In the car!
(I don’t get in to cars with women, ever, I walk.)

Monday 3/27/17

Q:  In a recent survey of EBC’s (Estrogen Based Creatures), WHAT is the most unattractive profession for a man to have??

A:  A Mortician!

Friday 3/24/17

Q:  How much sweat does the average person produce throughout the course of their lifetime??

A:  75,000 gallons!

Thursday 3/23/17

Q:  In a poll about income tax, WHAT is the #1 thing people wished they could write off??

A:  Starbucks coffee!

Wednesday 3/22/17

Q:  Statistics show, people with THIS characteristic make on average $2,000 more each year.  What is the trait??

A:  Being left handed!
(I’m left handed and STILL broke, can you imagine if I was right handed, sheesh!)

Tuesday 3/21/17

Q:  How many M&M’s are produced each and every minute?

A:  4 million!
That’s 240 million every hour and over 5 billion each day!

Monday 3/20/17

Q: 1 out of 7 people have quit their job because of this, because of what??

A:  A failed office relationship!
(Ohhhh it’s so good and awkward!)

Friday 3/17/17

Q:  20% of married men refer to their wife by THIS name, when speaking with other men.  What do they call her??

A:  The Boss!

Thursday 3/16/17

Q:  On average, a mother will say WHAT 125 times during the year??

A:  Clean – your – ROOM!

Wednesday 3/15/17

Q:  The average EBC (Estrogen Based Creature) regrets THIS decision after about 70 minutes….

A:  The choice to wear high heels!

Tuesday 3/14/17

Q:  According to linguistic experts WHAT is the most difficult work to pronounce in the English language??

A:  Worcestershire!
(Gets me every time, I just call it “W” sauce)

Wednesday 2/22/17

Q:  The #1 complaint from house guests is ‘being left alone in the home’ WHAT is the #2 most common complaint from house guests??

A:  Not enough of it or the wrong kind, it’s all about the toilet paper.
(That’s why you should B.Y.O.T.P.)

Tuesday 2/21/17

Q:  On average, at work,  this will happen about twice each year.  What??

A:  A collection / donation roundup.

Monday 2/20/17

Q:  33% of women consider a man to be ‘un-dateable’ if he wears this, wears what??

A:  A Bluetooth ear piece!

Friday 2/17/17

Q:  You will go through about 90 feet of _____in your lifetime, 90 feet of what??

A:  Fingernails!

Thursday 2/16/17

Q:  If you are average, you have about 8 of these and you didn’t even pay for the.  8 of what??

A:  Coffee Cups!

Wednesday 2/15/17

Q:  60% of people say that knowing THIS is about your partner is a sign of true love, knowing what??

A:  The pass code to their phone!
(stop snoopin’!

Tuesday 2/14/17

Q:  The average cost of a Valentines date night in the US is ______?

A:  $170!

Monday 2/13/17

Q:  175 million of these are sold in the US each year….

A:  Boxes of Girl Scout cookies!

Friday 2/10/17

Q:  The average person now does THIS 5 years sooner than people did 40 years ago…

A:  Gets Grey Hair!

Thursday 2/9/17

Q:  15% of people will try doing this themselves before calling a professional, what are 15% of people trying to do be themselves??

A:  Their – Own – Dentistry!

Wednesday 2/8/17

Q:  How much food will an Orca whale consume each day??

A:  500 lbs.!

Tuesday 2/7/17

Q:  Do this one time in your next job interview and NOT ONLY will is help you get the job, but better pay……what must you do??

A:  Tell a joke!

Monday 2/6/17

Q:  Sales of THIS triple the week leading up to the Super Bowl, sales of what??

A:  Recliners!

Friday 2/3/17

Q:  Almost 10% of adults say they get the most stressed about THIS than anything else throughout the year, what??

A:  Going on vacation!
(You’re doing it all wrong)

Thursday 2/2/17

Q:  THIS costs the average person about $0.60 each year, you need it, you want it, what is it??

A:  Keeping your cell phone charged!

Wednesday 2/1/17

Q:  Close to 6% of women do THIS while they work out, do what??

A:  Shop online!
(I’d just fall down)

Friday 1/27/17

Q:  Nearly HALF of all single men clean this ONLY 4 times each year, clean what??

A:  The bed sheets!

Thursday 1/26/17

Q:  11% of people do this at home, 81% prefer to do it away from home and 8% don’t do it at all.  What is it that is getting done…..or not getting done?

A:  Washing the car!
(I’m in the 8% all- day)

Wednesday 1/25/17

Q:  Estrogen Based Creatures (EBC’s) worry about THIS for an average of 36 minutes each week.  What is the worry??

A:  If they are tan enough.

Tuesday 1/24/17

Q:  What was the most downloaded smart phone app. of 2016??

A:  Google Maps!
(We’d be lost without you.)

Monday 1/23/17

Q:  150 million people look for this each and every week, look for what??

A:  Coupons!

Friday 1/20/17

Q:  In a recent survey of office managers, “being sloppy” was the #1 workplace bother.  What was #2 on the list??

A:  Participating in office gossip!

Thursday 1/19/17

Q:  Elementary school aged kids were surveyed and nearly 25% of them would do THIS, every – single – day if they were President of The United States of America……what would they do every day??

A:  Eat ice cream!
(and why not)

Wednesday 1/18/17

Q:  If you have a kiddo in elementary school, this happens about 6 times each year…..what??

A:  Sickness!
(“I recommend a slingshot and vita-gummies” ~ Kotter)

Tuesday 1/17/17
Q:  What are the 3 most commonly borrowed items in the US?

(Not money, milk or sugar)

A:  Pens, Lighters and Jumper Cables!

Monday 1/16/17

Q:  Nearly 1/3rd of people believe they have landed a job (in part) because of this….

A:  Wearing lucky underwear!
(what kind of job are you going for?)

Friday 1/13/17

Q:  33% of hiring managers have seen this common reg flag when it comes to prospective employees….

A:  Bad Breath!

Thursday 1/12/17

Q:  $65 is the average monthly rate of……..?

A:  A teenager’s allowance!

Wednesday 1/11/17

Q:  THIS will change about 30 times during the course of an average woman’s life?  What??
(no, not her mind)

A:  It’s her dress size!

Tuesday 1/10/17

Q:  A server can up the amount they are tipped by nearly 18% if they do……what??

A:  Put a smiley face / note on the bottom of the check!

Monday 1/9/17

Q:  76 people each year injure an eye with this, with what?

A:  Water Fountains!

Friday 1/6/17

Q:  About one in 5 people have a phobia of this, a fear of what??

A:  Needles!

Thursday 1/5/17

Q:  Nearly 18% of Estrogen Based Creatures (EBC’s) do THIS before stepping on a scale?

A:  Pray!  (really)


Wednesday 1/4/17

Q:  25% of people do this right after purchasing a new ride, do what??

A:  Name it!


Tuesday 1/3/17

Q:  On average, this lasts about 12 minutes…..what?

A:  Actual playing time during a professional or college football game!


Monday 1/2/17

Q:  How much does the New Years Eve ball which drops each year at Tome’s Square weigh?

A:  11,855 lbs!


Thursday 12/29/16

Q:  Doing THIS takes about 5 days out of your year….doing what?

A:  Cleaning!


Wednesday 12/28/16

Q:  According to experts, 85% of everyone does THIS the wrong way….

A:  Wash their hands!
(who actually sings the happy birthday song while lathering anyway?)


Tuesday 12/27/16

Q:  15% of people who say they have done this in the past year are lying….

A:  Vote!  ( I have a box of ‘I  Voted’ stickers)


Monday 12/26/16

Q:  Experts say we do this HALF as much today as we did in the 1970’s and 80’s?

A:  Eat dinner at home!


Thursday 12/22/16

Q:  10% of families will do this before breakfast on Christmas morning, will do what??

A:  Argue!  (dang.)


Wednesday 12/21/16

Q:  Moms are twice as likely as dads to do THIS for Christmas, to do what??

A:  Give a bum gift!  (well, the socks and underwear have to come from somewhere.)


Tuesday 12/20/16

Q:  Close to a third of hiring managers have passed on a job candidate because of this, because of what??

A:  The applicants Facebook page / social media pages.


Monday 12/19/16

Q:  Almost half of women polled purchase this for their significant other at Christmas, purchase what??

A:  Underwear!


Friday 12/16/16

Q:  About 1 out of 12 cereal eaters eat their cereal this way, how??

A:  By pouring the milk in the bowl first!
(I am told this happens and then doses of cereal are added to avoid it getting soggy, weirdos.)


Thursday 12/15/16

Q:  1 out of 6 people say the all-time Greatest Christmas present would be…..?

A:  A vacation!


Wednesday 12/14/16

Q:  Nearly 20% of women think that this is the best sound in the world, what is the sound??

A:  The noise of a cork popping and a pour!


Tuesday 12/13/16

Q:  Can you name all of the magical reindeer who work to tote Santa’s bulbous butt around the world??

A:  Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and of course……Rudolph!


Monday 12/12/16

Q:  1/3 of all wedding dj’s have seen this at a wedding, seen what??

A:  A fight!


Thursday 12/8/16

Q:  About 40% of people are guilty of this eating habit, what is it??

A:  Salting the food before it is even tasted.  (rude!)


Wednesday 12/7/16

Q:  This item will be touched an average of 25 times before it is ever purchased, what is the item??

A:  A greeting card!
(Just grab one, they are separated in sections for a reason)


Tuesday 12/6/16

Q:  The average person does this about 98 times each year.  I did it for the first time this year just last week, what is being done??

A:  Eating a bowl of cereal!


Monday 12/5/16

Q:  Men are 4 times more likely to lose THIS than a woman, lose what??

A:  Their hearing!


Friday 12/2/16

Q:  Married dudes are about 8 times more likely to do this while driving, what??

A:  Drive the speed limit!
(I think age has a lot to do with it, the older we get the less we hurry.  Also, well, no one wants to have to hear about a speeding ticket!)


Thursday 12/1/16

Q:  What is the #1 most hated household chore??

A:  Cleaning the oven!
(I thought it cleaned itself….?  &  if something can fit in the washing machine it is hereby “machine washable”)


Wednesday 11/30/16

Q:  70% of men say that this is their least favorite thing about holiday shopping, what??

A:  Gift wrapping!  (that’s why they have gift bags and packing tape!)


Tuesday 11/29/16

Q:  Nearly 75% of people do this while gambling, they do what??

A:  Pray!  (go figure)


Monday 11/28/16

Q:  The average woman owns 8 of these, 8  of what??

A:  Pairs of jeans!


Wednesday 11/23/16

Q:  It takes the average person about 20 minutes to make a decision on this, a decision on what??

A:  What to watch on Netflix!


Tuesday 11/22/16 (part 2)

Q:  After money, this is the top reward employers give their employees……what??

A:  Lunch!


Tuesday 11/22/16 (part 1)

Q:  50% of people have left a store because they disliked this, disliked what??

A:  The music that was playing!


Monday 11/21/16

Q:  about 40% of people steal items from the workplace, what is the most common item stolen??

A:  Post-It Notes!


Friday 11/18/16

Q:  20% of women will do this whenever they stay in a hotel, do what??

A:  Make the bed!


Thursday 11/17/16

Q:  You are 343 times more likely to convince someone to do something if you do this, what??

A:  Ask them face – to – face.


Wednesday 11/16/16

Q:  The average person spends about 15 hours each year doing this in the winter time, doing what??

A:  Attending holiday parties!


Tuesday 11/15/16

Q:  Who was the first ever company to trademark a color?

A:  Owen’s Corning!  (All that pink panther insulation from back in the day…)


Monday 11/14/16

Q:  33% of men have done THIS to impress a woman, done what??

A:  Learned how to play an instrument!


Friday 11/11/16

Q:  25% of people surveyed said that THIS is the most effective way to get ADULT kids to leave the home, what??

A:  Walking around nekkid!


Thursday 11/10/16

Q:  The average EBC (Estrogen Based Creature) will keep this for about 12 years, keep what??

A:  Their hair stylist!………a bad hair cut only lasts for so long.


Wednesday 11/9/16

Q:  Chances are that you will do this about 13 times today, do what??

A:  Laugh!  (hopefully with me in the morning! ~Kotter)

Tuesday 11/8/16

Q:  The average adult consumes about 25 lbs. of this each year, 25 lbs. of what??

A:  Coffee!  (gimmie, gimmie)


Monday 11/7/16

Q:  If today is an average day, THIS will happen about 20 times, what??

A:  People suing Walmart!


Friday 11/4/16

Q:  A typical _____ is about 2000 times dirtier than a cell phone, what is so dirty?

A:  Your steering wheel!


Thursday 11/3/16

Q:  About 40% of people say that THIS is the grossest thing a coworker does regularly, what??

A:  Walk around barefoot!  (well, at least it’s not clip the toenails)


Wednesday 11/2/16

Q:  10% of people have decided to move because of this, por que?

A:  The believe the house was haunted!


Tuesday 11/1/16

Q:  45% of adults did this yesterday, did what??

A:  They wore a costume to work!


Monday 10/31/16

Q:  40% of parents say that age, ___ is when kids should stop Trick-or-Treating…

A:  16!  (after that you are simply panhandling )


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