Credit: Marina ChavezSeether has shared a new track called “Nothing Left,” which appears on the band’s forthcoming album, Poison the Parish. The song features plenty of heavy riffs and screaming vocals — you can listen to it now via

Speaking with Billboard about the inspiration behind “Nothing Left,” frontman Shaun Morgan says it came from “looking around at society and seeing how, in my mind, it seems to be crumbling in the sense that we worship and idolize vapid and empty people that have done nothing in their lives to warrant the admiration that they receive.”

“I see it, and it makes me angry and it makes me sad,” says Morgan. “The fact that I have a teenage daughter who thinks that Instagram is a very important place to get likes because therefore that gives you some sort of self-worth as a human being, I think is bulls***.”

Poison the Parish, Seether’s seventh studio effort, will be released May 12. The band will be on the road in support of the album this spring and summer.

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