Random Acts of Christmas Magic

I came across an interesting post on Facebook last month.  It was a Random Acts of Kindness Advent calendar.  I loved the idea of it so much that I shared it on my own Facebook page and the Magic 98 Facebook page. 

Instead of getting a piece of chocolate or little trinket for you each day in December before Christmas, this is an opportunity to give a little piece of yourself to someone else to brighten their day.

I like the “acts” listed on this calendar, but you can make your own. Have your kids come up with ideas they think will make someone happy and have them write them in the squares. Then you can work on each day’s random act together.

I have committed myself to 24 days of random acts of kindness this month, and I hope you will join me, because a sincere smile for someone not only brightens their day; it kind of makes you feel good too.        

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