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Thursday 6/30/16 Q: 35% of men ask for their woman's permission whenever they do this, whenever they do what?? A: Change the thermostat! Wednesday 6/29/16 Q: 33% of homes in America have 2 of these, 7% have 3......what is the...
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Road Trip Texas, Destination: ROCK SHOWS!
Lonely road in Texas
Are you looking to hit the Texas roads this summer for some rock shows??? Here's some info for your eyeholes leading to goodness for your earholes: MIDLAND: 7/16 – Chris Tucker 8/4 – Thousand Foot Krutch 8/6 –...
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Corey Taylor falls, Metallica tuxedos & burritos, Chad Smith of RHCP's off time.
Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! OH NO!!!!!!! The Pulse Of Radio reporting this morning that during Slipknot's show on last night (Jun 29th) in Atlanta, frontman Corey Taylor took what was described by fans as a...
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VOLBEAT!On 3 April 2016, Volbeat posted a teaser for their upcoming album on YouTube, hinting it would be released soon. On 7 April 2016, they revealed their sixth full-length album would be called Seal the Deal and Let's Boogie and released on 3 June 2016. The first single released from the album was "The Devil's Bleeding Crown"
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PALESTINIAN TERROR HITS HOME 13-year-old American girl living in Israel stabbed to death in bedroom
#816 - Joe Schilling
Joe Schilling is an American Muay Thai kickboxer and MMA fighter who competes in the super middleweight and light heavyweight and the Middleweight division of Bellator MMA.
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FOX NEWS POLL Fewer Americans feeling proud in last 5 years
#815 - Cameron Hanes
Cameron Hanes is a bowhunting athlete, “training intensively each and every day to become the Ultimate Predator.”
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SUBURBAN STRUGGLE? Trump grasping to win middle class support
#814 - Ari Shaffir
Ari Shaffir is a stand-up comedian and also hosts the podcasts Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank & Punch Drunk Sports. Check out his show This Is Not Happening on Comedy Central & YouTube.
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GRISLY REVENGE? Police: Man decapitated girlfriend's alleged rapist
#813 - Shane Dorian
Shane Dorian is a big wave surfer and bowhunter.
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CHECHEN CONNECTION Istanbul attack planner was ISIS' Russian trainer
#812 - Russell Brand & Jim Breuer
Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. Jim Breuer is a stand up comedian, actor, author,  singer and host. 
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One-armed ISIS commander eyed as mastermind of Istanbul massacre - Airport attack comes just as Turkey tries to rebuild bridges - Witness to terror: Journalist recounts how attack shattered honeymoon layover - VIDEO: Arrests made in Istanbul in connection to airport attack
#811 - Jim Breuer
Jim Breuer is a stand up comedian, actor, author,  singer and host. Check out his podcast The Metal In Me and his new rock album "Songs From the Garage" available on iTunes now.
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No sign of entangled blue whale off Southern California
Fight Companion - June 18, 2016
Joe is joined by Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen, and Eddie Bravo to watch the fights on June 18, 2016.
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US, Iraqi strikes kill at least 250 ISIS fighters in Iraq convoys - Americans not told when named on ISIS 'kill lists'
#810 - Big Jay Oakerson
Big Jay Oakerson is a stand up comedian and he also hosts his own show "Legion of Skanks Podcast" available on iTunes. His new one-hour special "Live at Webster Hall" premieres Friday June 17th at midnight on Comedy Central. http://bigjaycomedy.com
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Hershey rejects takeover offer from chocolate competitor Mondelez
#809 - Aubrey Marcus
Aubrey Marcus is writer, entrepreneur, and adventurer. He also hosts his own podcast available for download via iTunes called The Aubrey Marcus Podcast.
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Pentagon: Bomb squad members won't have to return huge overpayments
#808 - Michael Wood, Jr.
Michael A. Wood, Jr. is a retired Baltimore police officer and veteran of the USMC. He previously made the news for publicly speaking out against police brutality and has become a proponent of a new era of policing. A young man who met Michael as a child, when Michael was a cop volunteering a recreation center, found Michael to talk about how much the experience affected him as well. He's now trying to continue his growth, please help him here: http:///gofundme.com/domstrip2cuba
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Indian official resigns amid outrage over selfie with alleged rape victim
#807 - Gino & AJ, from Speedweed
Gino & AJ are the owners of Speedweed - "California’s best, most highly rated medical marijuana delivery service"
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'Guacamole-thick' algae causes crisis on Florida coastline
#806 - Dave Smith
Dave Smith is a stand up comedian & host of Part Of The Problem podcast available on iTunes, and he is also one-third of The Legion of Skanks.
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Forced diversity training backfires, claims Harvard study
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